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How Duct Cleaning Services Can Improve Your Health

Air system duct being cleaned by a professional team

Breathe Life Into the Lungs of Your Home with Help From Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning's Duct Cleaning Services

With indoor air pollution becoming a topic more homeowners are aware of and have started asking us about, it’s time to clear the air, as the saying goes, which for Bob's Heating & Air Conditioning means duct cleaning! 

Air duct cleaning is a primary component of improving the indoor air quality of your home in Sammamish, WA, or beyond, but what exactly is it, and how beneficial can it be? Also, how do you know which duct cleaning service provider to choose? 

Read below to learn more about improving your health and wellness with routine duct cleaning services from the certified Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning team. Keep scrolling!

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What Is Duct Cleaning?

In essence, high-suction vacuums remove the stagnant debris, dander, mold, and bacteria, from the ductwork in your home. Without regularly scheduled duct cleanings, these contaminants may potentially pose a risk to your family’s health! Though some dust is typical, additional concerns, such as mold, pollen, smells, dead skin cells, and bacterias can keep spreading  throughout your home. Think about it—your climate systems handle tons and tons of air each year and without proper care and maintenance, your system gradually becomes clogged and has to work harder to pump out breathable, healthy air. 

The Entire Family Breathes Better

If you and the kids are sneezing and sniffling, let Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning help eliminate the indoor air irritants that are causing you distress, through professional air duct cleaning. There’s no need to suffer with subpar indoor air quality throughout the year when a simple duct cleaning service can help everyone feel better. In addition to cleaning modern sheet metal ducts, we also service older ducts. Beyond duct cleaning, we can seal leaks and cracks in your ductwork that are severely ramping up your energy consumption. We will also clean the blower motor of your furnace to ensure all air moving throughout your system is and stays as pure as possible until your next annual cleaning! 

Less Polluted Air Within Your Home

Air duct cleaning is only one aspect of servicing your home’s comfort systems. Routine maintenance of your heating and cooling system ensures that it will last for years to come. We offer HVAC maintenance plans to help you live worry-free and provide preferred customer benefits, such as discounted parts and labor and convenient appointment times for on-site visits, including duct cleaning. Greater efficiency, safety, and reliability can not only help save you money but also extend the HVAC system’s life, so nothing will have to be replaced prematurely.

Ready to start reaping the health benefits of regular duct cleaning? Connect with Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning here to start a conversation about your needs. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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