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Why You Should Install an Indoor Air Purifier This Spring


Air purifiers are becoming increasingly popular as people strive to create a healthier and cleaner home environment. As the season of growth begins, ensuring optimal indoor air quality for your well-being is crucial, which includes replacing your air filters. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of having an air purifier in your home during spring season and beyond, and learn how these systems work to remove airborne pollutants and allergens for your benefit.

Benefits of an Air Purifier in Your Home

Spring is the ideal time to invest in a home air purifier. An air purifier can provide a range of health benefits and improve the quality of your home's air, regardless of your home’s age. Even newly-constructed homes could use an air purifier or air filteration system to help with any lingering smells and remnant dust and debris from the building process. Here are some of the key advantages that you’ll enjoy when you install an air purifier in your home.

Improved Air Quality

The primary purpose of any air purifier is to remove airborne contaminants from your living space. Particulates like dust, pollen, smoke specks, pet dander, and other allergens that can cause breathing difficulties or aggravate asthma could be removed from the atmosphere by an air purifier. An air purifier will help create a healthier environment for everyone who lives in your home by eliminating pesky particles before they can be pushed into your home through the ventilation system.

Reduced Odors

Many types of odors can linger around the house long after their source has been removed or eliminated, including pet odors and cooking smells. An effective way to reduce these unpleasant aromas is with an activated carbon air filter found in many modern air purifiers. These help trap odor-causing molecules before they can spread throughout your home’s interior spaces.

Help Prevent Airborne Diseases

In addition to improved respiratory health, air purifiers can prevent the spread of airborne illnesses. They can’t fully stop them, but purifiers may capture the bacteria and viruses to lessen the chance of everyone in your household getting sick. 

Types of Air Filters 

When it comes to air purification, there are many options to consider. It’s important to know the differences between the various air apurifying systems and air filters so you can find the best fit for your home and budget. There are a couple of air filters that are typically used in the home:

  • HEPA air filters are known to trap tiny particles—such as dust mites, pollen, pet dander and mold spores—from circulating in the air inside your home. They’re not able to remove smells effectively.
  • Activated carbon air filters are good at capturing smells like smoke and cleaning chemicals. They don’t cut down on allergens, so they’re often bought with another purifier.

Other air purifying options, like ozone and non-ozone air purifiers, are efficient at purifying indoor air as well. Call Bob's Heating & Air Conditioning team of professional indoor air quality experts to see about getting a whole-home air purifier installed at your house.

How Air Purifiers Work

Air purifiers work by filtering out pollutants, allergens, dust, and other particles from the air in your home. As the air passes through the ductwork, clean air is filtered and pushed out into your living space.

The type of technology used in an air purifier will depend on its purpose; some air filters are designed to remove larger particulates such as pollen or pet dander, while others can trap smaller particles like smoke or chemicals from cleaning products.

Breathe Easier at Home This Spring and Beyond

Air purifiers, and clean air filters can provide a great solution to improve the air quality in your home, especially in the spring when allergies can be at their peak. They will reduce airborne allergens and pollutants and help you breathe easier. An air purifier is a great option for improving the quality of your home's air, and there are models available to suit just about every space. So if you're looking for an effective way to purify the air inside of your home, consider scheduling an appointment with a Bob’s Heating indoor air quality technician today! 

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