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3 Hidden Benefits of Regularly Replacing Your Air Filter

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Experience Top-Tier Indoor Air Quality at Your Home

An HVAC system should be able to keep your family comfortable all year round. When it starts to underperform, it seems like your family can never really get settled. Thankfully, a lot of times the issues your HVAC system is having are easily resolved rather than requiring a whole HVAC system overhaul.

Regular air filter replacement and top-tier HVAC maintenance services from Bob's Heating & Air Conditioning can eliminate common air purification issues and overall create the desired home atmosphere throughout your Seattle-area home .But what are the benefits of replacing your home air filter consistently? Keep reading below as we dive into the perks of this trusted task .

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1. Prevent Clogged Filters

When home air filters are left unchecked and unreplaced, there’s a much higher possibility that they’ll get clogged with debris and dirt that has built up over time. When this blockage occurs, it leads to restricting the continual airflow that you’ve come to expect. Restricted airflow and air filters that haven't been replaced creates a risk of total system failure - leaving your HVAC system down and your family having to deal with a chilly or overly-heated home at any moment throughout the year. Think of this similarly to having a cold and congested sinuses - your HVAC system needs clear passageways to breathe through, too! Otherwise, it becomes overworked and system failure becomes more likely.

2. Keep Your Air Clean & Safe

Just as that dirt and debris can cause your home air filters to get clogged, the same substances can begin circulating throughout your indoor air when left unchecked . You could potentially be breathing in harmful particles while you go about your everyday activities at home. A clean air filter can eliminate this risk of dirty and unhealthy air so that you and your family can breathe easily, which reinforces the importance of regular air filter replacements.

3. Go Green!

Did you know that when your home air filters are clean, you can experience improved air efficiency? When air is easily able to pass through your filters, your system isn’t working as hard to do its job. This means less strain on your unit and less energy usage and waste. You can help create a greener home with regular air filter replacements.

Our Air Filter Replacement Program

Want to ensure you have regular air filter replacement without having to worry about it every time you need to make the change? Bob's Heating & Air Conditioning's automatic air filter replacement program makes it so that every 90 days, a new air filter will be delivered directly to your door so that you can help maintain your top-tier air quality throughout your property. Our pleated media filter can provide an enhanced performance that you and your family can rely on day in and day out.

Want to learn more about our trusted HVAC maintenance services and air filter replacement program? Give our team at Bob’s Heating a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a maintenance service with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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