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How to Combat Allergy Season with Indoor Air Quality Services

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4 Tips to Bring Cleaner Air to Your Washington Home

They say you can’t have the bad without the good. Here in Western Washington and the greater Puget Sound, our state’s majestic nature also brings along irritating seasonal allergies. Common allergens like ragweed, tree pollen, grass pollen, and mold spores fill the air, causing itchy, watery eyes, sore throats, and stuffy noses.

If your family in the Sammamish, WA area experiences seasonal allergies, there are steps you can take to make your home’s air more breathable. With indoor air quality systems and proper care for your AC unit, you’ll eliminate allergens and feel better indoors. 

Tired of combatting allergies year after year? Then consider these tips to improve your home’s airflow!

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1. Keep Windows Closed with AC

It may sound simple, but many people don’t realize that by keeping their home’s windows closed through allergy seasons, they’ll minimize contact with pollen and ragweed. A well-running air conditioning system will keep all your rooms cool, so you won’t need to open the windows and let allergens inside.

2. Clean Air Ducts Once a Year 

Don’t leave air ducts off your spring-cleaning list! Most heating and cooling systems recirculate the air that’s already in your house. And if there’s mold, dust mites, dander, pollen, and other fumes in the air ducts, your AC unit is pushing that back into your home.

To clean air ducts, we use high-powered vacuums and other tools to remove debris. Once we’ve cleaned the vents, you’ll find your central air system flows much more powerfully and cleaner than before.

3. Regularly Change Air Filters 

A dirty filter on heating and AC units prevents air from flowing. Not only will your system perform poorly, but blocked filters lead to mold growth and dust accumulation, triggering asthma and allergies. Have a professional inspect air filters once a year (while we’re working on the air ducts!) to ensure air can travel freely through the system.

4. Install an Air Purifier to Remove Pollutants

The last step to an easy-breathing home is to install air purifiers. Air purification systems filter your house’s air to kill and remove harmful pollutants and allergens. You’ll breathe cleaner and prevent allergy symptoms—and the house can smell nicer, too! Even in air-polluted cities and areas prone to wildfires, air purifiers provide clean, healthy air.

Your family’s comfort is our family’s business. If you’re looking for a new HVAC system, air purifiers, or air duct maintenance, Bob’s Heating is here for you. Contact our team here to get started today!

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