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Sleeping With the Windows Open: 5 Mistakes That Increase Utility Bills

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Shutting off your home air conditioner and sleeping with the windows open seems like a great way to save energy. After all, doesn't it make sense to give your HVAC a break when the sun goes down and temperatures drop? Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Sleeping with the windows open is just one of many ways you might be unknowingly driving up your monthly utility bill. Keep reading to find out lesser-known mistakes that are costing you money.

Sleeping With Windows Open

Residents of the Pacific Northwest know the joy of cracking a window on summer nights. While people should enjoy a night of fresh air from time to time, it's essential to be aware of potentially higher energy costs.

When you leave your windows open all night, you essentially undo all the hard work your air conditioning system has done to cool your home. During the day, the air conditioning system works to remove heat and humidity from the indoor air. If the outside air is even one degree warmer than your home's internal temperature, the system will have to work harder to restore your desired temperature.

Additionally, outside air usually contains more humidity than the inside air, leaving your rooms feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. Humidity makes temperatures feel warmer than they actually are. If you let your home get too damp, you might feel inclined to compensate by setting your thermostat to an even lower temperature, increasing HVAC system workload.

Some research has revealed the optimal conditions for sleeping with open windows. If the outside temperature is about 70 degrees and humidity levels are low, you can crack a window overnight. However, try to shut them as early as possible in the morning to keep outside moisture and sunlight from increasing your internal temperatures.

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