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How to Reduce Home Heating Costs

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Conserve energy and save money with these home heating hacks

At Bob’s Heating, we know a welcoming and inviting home is all about comfort! This type of environment starts with your home’s climate control and its ability to shift to the ideal temperature for the season so that you and your family can carry on in comfort and luxury.

But during the colder months, this naturally leads to turning up the heat - which will then lead to higher monthly bills. As daily living costs are skyrocketing all around us, your home comfort and safety shouldn't contribute to them.

So how can your Seattle household benefit from a cozy atmosphere while not experiencing rising heating costs? Our trusted furnace services are just one way we can help you reduce your costs year round. In the long run, you’ll create an energy-efficient home and lower your heating bills as well.

In this blog, we’ll dive into our top tips on how you can maintain a comfy, luxurious home environment while staying within your desired budget. Keep reading below for more.

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Invest in Energy-Efficient Heating Options

You and your family deserve the most comfortable and luxurious living spaces. Proper heating can create the ultimate home atmosphere during even the most overcast and coldest of days. But you shouldn’t have to worry about an outrageous heating bill following this furnace usage.

For a reliable, energy-efficient heating system that also stays within budget, heat pumps are an ideal solution for your home. Often more efficient than traditional gas furnaces, heat pumps are high-performing  and reduce your overall energy usage every month! We prioritize your home’s comfort and safety, and only offer the most dependable products from leading brands. The Bryant heat pump  is designed to maximize your daily comfort while always delivering a consistent performance.

Our team at Bob’s Heating offers heat pump installations to help you enjoy a more comfortable, energy-efficient home. 

Give Your HVAC System a Breather

So how can you lower your heating bills and help maintain your HVAC system with our services? Read below for the proper care of your home furnace.

  • Change your air filter! A furnace’s air filter requires regular changing around every 90 days. When the filter is clean, you receive a more efficient heating experience, can lower your utility bills, and extend the lifespan of your furnace. Want to know how you can regularly change out your filters with ease? Bob’s Heating provides top-quality air filters through our Automatic Filter Replacement Program that sends you a new filter every 90 days!
  • Duct cleaning services are crucial for providing clean, safe air for you and your family all year long. Along with regular air filter replacements, this service helps your heating system “breathe” better. You’ll reduce the possibility of restricted airflow, allowing the system to perform without using as much energy to move the air around. The end result? Reduced energy usage and lowered heating bills.

Additionally, our annual maintenance plans help ensure your home’s heating and cooling system is functioning and operating as it should.

Want to know how Bob’s Heating can help get you started? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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