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3 Tips for Home Cooling This Summer


Keep the heat out of your home by using your window treatments, appliances, and A/C unit

Summer is here in the Greater Seattle area, and that means temperatures are rising. While warmer weather is perfect for afternoons by the pool or fun family outings, it does put a strain on your thermostat. Maintaining your home's temperature is an important way to keep your family comfortable throughout the hottest season. How can you stay cool this summer? Keep reading to learn three key tips for home cooling this summer in Bellevue, WA, and surrounding areas.

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Make smarter use of your window treatments.

Closing your blinds can keep the cool air in your home while minimizing your reliance on the air conditioner. Up to 30% of unwanted heat comes through your windows, mainly because heat and sunlight can enter through your windows, but not leave. Keeping your blinds closed during the warmest times of the day will help prevent this heat from coming in. Investing in blinds that reflect rather than absorb sunlight will further block it from entering. At night, the opposite is true. Opening your windows when it cools at night will allow cool air in, quickly reducing the temperature of your home.

Plan your chores to reduce appliance heat.

Appliances are another significant source of heat in your home. The most obvious culprits are your oven and stove, either of which will heat your home with use. If you have to use either one, make sure to turn the fan on to improve airflow. This is even more effective when your fan vents to the exterior because it cycles the air out of your house.

Instead of cooking inside, bring that dinner dish you had in mind out to the backyard for a BBQ! Another way to reduce appliance heat in your home is to do your chores after dark. For example, dishwashers and clothing dryers give off a lot of heat because the dishwasher uses hot water and can sometimes exhaust steam, and the dryer uses heated air, which radiates from the machine. While you can’t avoid doing laundry or the dishes, you can do them when it is cooler.

Ensure that your air conditioner runs as efficiently as possible.

Ensure that your air conditioner is running as smoothly as possible to reduce your energy usage and cool your home efficiently. Installing a programmable air conditioner is one way to allow greater control of the temperature because you can schedule your thermostat to adjust throughout the day based on the temperature outside. Another way to maximize your home's comfort is to change your AC filters regularly, ideally every one to three months depending on their size. It is a good idea to have a few of the correct size on hand. A dirty filter can reduce the air quality and efficiency of airflow of your home. You might need to check them more frequently if you are running a furnace fan or during the summer.

Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning provides top-quality A/C maintenance and services to the Bellevue, WA area. Call us at 800-840-3346 or contact us online to learn more about our current services, products, and promotions. And let us know how we can help keep your home cool and comfortable this summer!

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