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Before Summer Starts, Your Home Needs AC Maintenance


Discover why you need to get your air conditioner ready for summer before it even starts 

Summer is on the way, and that means warmer temperatures and sunnier weather. Is your air conditioner up to the task? It is vital that you get your AC unit serviced before summer starts so that you can remain comfortable, and make sure to get this done sooner rather than later to avoid any mid-summer AC frustrations! There are advantages to getting your maintenance done earlier rather than later. Learn four benefits of having your AC maintenance done before summer starts in Kirkland, WA, and surrounding areas.

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Avoid Future Repairs

Modern AC is a necessity to survive our hot Washington summers, and if your HVAC system breaks down or malfunctions, it could leave you uncomfortable in a hot house. Servicing your system before summer starts reduces the chance that you might need repairs in the midst of a heatwave by catching potential problems, such as faulty parts or a dirty filter, before they escalate. Our expert technicians will take a comprehensive look at your system and use their years of training to spot and correct issues, keeping your AC unit in tip top shape for optimal use!

Increase the Efficiency of Your System

Regular upkeep of your HVAC system prevents your system from breaking down and keeps it functioning at optimal efficiency. Maintenance decreases the stress on its parts, allowing the unit to last longer and do its job without expending extra energy. Annual maintenance will extend your air conditioner’s life by a few years and it helps reduce your energy bills.

Improve your Home’s Air Quality

An HVAC system will help you keep your air clean, reducing health issues caused by air pollutants. With a properly operating and maintained AC unit, you won’t have to open your windows for cool air all spring and summer, keeping pesky allergens and air pollutants out of your home. When your AC unit is operating at peak efficiency, it’ll work to filter out any pollutants that sneak in. Your well-maintained air conditioner will keep you cool and healthy when you need it most.

Beat the Rush!

Because many homeowners are scheduling tune-ups and repairs when they notice an issue in peak AC season, you might have a longer wait time to get your equipment serviced if you wait. Keeping your AC properly maintained ahead of the busy summer season helps keep you and your home cool! No need to worry about bothersome repairs when you want to be enjoying your unit the most. Stay ahead of the crowd, and call the professionals at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning to service your air conditioner!

We always do our best to make sure you’re comfortable in your house year-round. Schedule a tune-up or inspection service by filling out our online form or calling Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning at (800) 840-3346 today!

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