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Top 3 Questions You Should Be Asking About Your HVAC System

Two Bob’s Heating technicians check on an HVAC installation.

Let Bob’s Heating take care of your system and keep your spaces comfortable all year round!

Climate control is an essential part of building a welcoming environment to enjoy with your family. Whether you are trying to create a cozy, comfortable  room on a cold winter’s night in the greater Seattle area or keeping your spaces cool on a hot summer day, a reliable and advanced HVAC system is essential.

To get the systems that satisfy your home's unique needs, reach out to a professional HVAC company that can walk you through the whole process. Bob's Heating has decades of experience and is ready to update your HVAC technology to ensure you always get the living experience you deserve. Keep reading our blog to learn three must-know details to keep in mind when updating an HVAC system.

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What Kind of HVAC System Does My Home Have?

The first step to take if you are interested in updating your heating and cooling technology is knowing what kind of HVAC system you have at home, as each one requires different installation and maintenance processes. In any event, we have a team of certified technicians ready to manage your systems. Whether you have central heating, forced air, baseboard heat, or a mini-split system, just give us a call, and we’ll provide the service you need. Don’t know what kind of HVAC system you have? We’ll help with that too! 

When Was My HVAC System Installed?

Your needs will also vary depending on how old your system is. If your HVAC system is between 10 and 15 years old, it will probably be best to replace your entire system. Repairing older systems becomes expensive, so it’s better and more cost-efficient in the long run to replace than repair. Also, if you are purchasing a home with an older unit, you could see if the seller would be willing to replace the unit before the sale. 

When Was My HVAC System Last Inspected?

Imagine getting home late on a cold winter night. The first thing you want to do is change into comfortable clothing and warm up in the coziness of your house. But what if today, your heating system has given out completely? Don’t be surprised by unexpected malfunctions in your system! 

To keep your HVAC system providing consistent performance, regular inspections are a must. We recommend that you arrange for inspections once a year. This helps you identify any issues before they become bigger problems.

Also, if you’re moving into a new home, it’s important to know when your HVAC system was last serviced. Just like you hopefully wouldn’t buy a used car before having a mechanic inspect it, the same is true with a heating and AC system. So, before you close the deal on your new home, make sure to have an experienced HVAC technician inspect the system to ensure there are no problems. 

At Bob’s Heating, we are deeply committed to incorporating the highest quality installations that help you create more welcoming and comfortable spaces at home. Are you ready to add an HVAC system to your home? Reach out to our team right now by filling out this online form

We are looking forward to working with you!

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