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HVAC Troubleshooting: Tips to Prevent Overloading Your System

Technician talking to owner about his outdoor air conditioning unit

Was your Seattle, WA HVAC system overloaded last summer? Don't let it happen again! 

When it is hot outside, it is much more difficult to ool your home, and your HVAC system has to work much harder. When the heat doesn’t let up, your HVAC system gets overworked. Recent summer heatwaves have made some air conditioners overload and lock at the worst possible time. So what can you do to prevent your HVAC system from failing due to overuse? Read on to learn more about HVAC troubleshooting

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Regularly scheduled maintenance is critical to keeping your system in proper condition. Many common HVAC repairs can be avoided with proper maintenance by certified technicians. If you do not perform regular maintenance, you will most likely experience costly unexpected breakdowns, higher energy bills and poor performance.


Replacing your air filter is important to extend the life and efficiency of your whoie HVAC system. If your home air filter is dirty and clogged, it will restrict airflow, making your AC unit work much harder to circulate air throughout your home. In addition, a dirty filter could cause the HVAC to overheat and shut down.


Free-flowing vents are essential for your HVAC system. When troubleshooting HVAC problems, it is necessary to check the vents and ducts for any obstructions such as leaves or other objects that block the airflow. Overheating can arise from a simple obstruction that you can easily avoid.


How is freezing possible when it's 90 degrees outside? It is possible! Some irregularities in your HVAC system can be caused by freezing due to exhuast fins freezing due to too much constant cold air. If you have been using your system continuously and it suddenly stopped working, don't worry; wait a couple of hours and try to run it normally. When the tubing thaws, it should be able to resume normal function, but if the system is used for a long time, the freezing may reoccur. If this problem persists for several days, it is best to contact an expert as it may indicate major damage to your system, luckily, Bob's technicians can help.


There are different components that your HVAC system relies on to operate at peak efficiency. As a result, the performance of your units can be affected as a result of typical wear and tear on these components and parts. As a tip to prevent natural wear and tear from leading to a complete replacement of the unit, it is best to call in an expert from time to time to swap out faulty parts so that the entire unit does not need to be replaced. Preventative maintenance can save you more money in the long run!

Contact the experts at Bob's Heating for further information on any of these issues or other HVAC troubleshooting; we will happily help you!

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