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Bob's Heating & Air Conditioning: Ducts & Duct Services


Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning aims to provide your home with services that increase the air quality in your home to keep you and your family comfortable. We offer a variety of ducts services that will improve and protect your air quality and keep you healthy.


While not visible to you, ducts are an important part of keeping an ongoing air-filtration system and maintaining a healthy heating and cooling system. Collections of debris, such as dirt, dust, and pollen, can accumulate over time. This then affects the performance of your ducts. As they circulate the air, all of that debris ends up being breathed in and goes straight into your lungs. Therefore, keeping them clean is an important part of keeping you and your family healthy. We can help through regular cleaning of your ducts.


For a variety of reasons, ducts can also crack, leak, or have holes. If this happens, then this could lead to a sharp increase in energy consumption. This ultimately means higher energy bills for you. The benefits of getting your ducts sealed include keeping your family comfortable, lowering your energy bills, and using less overall energy. Sealing your ducts also ensures a higher air quality. While ducts filter your air, they can also carry harmful fumes and gasses from outside your home. Such fumes can include exhaust and carbon monoxide. Making sure your ducts are sealed prevents you from breathing in these harmful fumes.


Your air conditioning coil’s job is to pump air in and out of your home in order to keep your home cool during the warmer months and warmer during the cooler months. Dirt and debris can end up piling onto your coils, which can lead to dangerous overheating. As the coil works hard to keep running the fan, this makes the cost of electricity increase by a great amount. We provide regular coil cleaning in order to remove this dirt and debris pile up. Try to pay attention to the buildup of dirt, especially in the cooler months of the year when your air conditioner is not infrequent use.


Air leaks in ducts can occur without you noticing, and so it is important to test them on their performance. If your ducts are leaking, there are some signs that you can look out for. Such signs include high summer and winter utility bills, rooms being difficult to heat and cool, uncomfortable stuffy rooms, and tangles in the system. These signs can occur especially if your ducts are located in an attic, an unfinished basement, a crawlspace, or a garage. We have specialized technicians that are PTCS certified and work to make sure your home reaches new building code standards. We will ensure that your ducts are working properly and are keeping your family safe, happy, and healthy. Schedule your Performance Test today.


Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning provides you with top service performances for your furnaces, air conditioners, and other systems. We promise to provide homes with comfort and aim to increase the indoor air quality in Western Washington homes. Our repair technicians are dedicated to the maintenance of your air conditioner and gas furnace. Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning proudly partners with organizations focused on sustainability and innovation, including Built Green, Energy Star, and Puget Sound Energy. Call us at 425-689-7778 or contact us online.

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