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The ducts in your home, even though you never see them, are among the most important parts of an ongoing, air filtration, heating and cooling system that keeps you and your family happy and healthy. However, few people realize how often duct cleaning needs to occur. Dirt from your clothing and your shoes, dust from pets and dead skin, and pollen from outside can start to block these ducts and vents over time, significantly affecting the air quality in your home.

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Duct Sealing

If you have a heating or air conditioning system in your home, it’s a safe bet that you also have a complex duct system that distributes that heated or cooled air to the rooms of your house as efficiently as possible. Most people take that system for granted, forgetting that there are potential holes, leaks, or cracks in those ducts that could be leaking air in torrents, severely increasing your energy consumption and more importantly, your utility bills.

Duct sealing provides several benefits:

  • Sealing the ducts in your home can help to keep your family comfortable, reduce the cost of electricity year-round, and consume less energy on a regular basis.
  • You can ensure higher air quality in your home by preventing outside fumes and gasses from leaking into your duct system and circulating throughout your home. Such leaks can make asthma, allergies, or chronic illnesses worse and can be avoided by sealing your ducts.
  • Some ducts carry exhaust fumes and dangerous carbon monoxide (CO). While it is important to have a CO monitor in your home, you can ensure safe breathing for your family with a properly sealed duct system.

Coil Cleaning

Have you ever thought about what the condenser coil on your outdoor air conditioning unit is really doing every summer? In extreme heat, it takes the heat from your house and pushes it outside into that already warm summer air and in cold weather it moves air across heated coils to warm it. To do this, it pumps a large amount of air into and out of the house. Imagine what happens if dirt builds up on the unit or if you allow plants to grow over the outdoor coils? The air flow has nowhere to go and the air conditioning unit only gets hotter, building up to the point of potential damage.

As a result, the cost of electricity to run the fan on your unit skyrockets as the lifespan of your air conditioner drops sharply due to overuse. To make sure this does not happen, Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning provides regular coil cleaning to remove excess dust and debris from your air conditioning and heating coils. In addition to professional cleanings, we also recommend you pay especially close attention to the plants and dirt that build up on the outside of your unit, especially during the cooler months when it is not in use

A good cleaning should be done at least every two years, depending on how often you use the air conditioner in the summer. For those that leave their air conditioner on from May through September, you might even need to have it cleaned annually to ensure the build-up is less severe.

Performance Testing

Is your house leaking? In many homes, air leaks are found in holes cut where plumbing, wiring, lighting, and duct work are installed. In addition, your ducts may also be leaking.

Some signs that your home may be leaking air include:

  • High summer and winter utility bills
  • Rooms that are difficult to heat and cool
  • Stuffy rooms that never seem to feel comfortable
  • Ducts are located in an attic, unfinished basement, crawlspace or garage
  • Tangled or kinked flexible ducts in your system

The first step to making your house more efficient is to schedule a Performance Test for your home. Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning technicians are specially trained and PTCS-Certified, so you can be sure that when your duct and blower door tests are performed, and your duct work is sealed, all work will meet or exceed new building code standards.

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  • “You were recommended to me by my realtor when I asked for a referral. They were right in every way. I was pleased with the service as your technicians were professional and competent and responded ...”