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5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your HVAC Tech This Holiday Season


Tis the season for giving thanks to the hardworking folks who make your life easier!

With the holidays in full swing, it’s that time of year to reflect and give thanks for all the good things and amazing people in our lives. As you sit around the table reminiscing on the year, we encourage you to think of all the people who have offered you help over the months. In a time where a lot may feel unknown, one thing has remained certain: the loyalty and dedication from your HVAC technicians.

At Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning, our fantastic team of HVAC techs works year-round to service our clients’ homes in Redmond and the Greater Seattle area. We give thanks to them every day, and here are five reasons you should too!

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1. Techs Work in All Weather Conditions

In the heart of winter and the heat of summer are undeniably the worst times of year for your HVAC system to malfunction. But you can rest easy knowing that HVAC techs work year-round in all types of weather conditions to get your systems back up and running. Whether it’s toasty hot, icy cold, snowing, or raining, you can call Bob’s Heating to schedule fast and responsive service from one of our technicians. We don’t let a little bad weather stop us from taking care of you and your family.*

2. Techs Work in Uncomfortable Environments

It’s not only poor weather that our technicians deal with — they also handle a range of other uncomfortable conditions on service calls. Dusty, dirty, muddy crawlspaces, wasps and other insects, tight, cramped rooms with minimal ventilation…our techs have seen all that and more during repair and install visits. We do the dirty work so that you don’t have to.  

3. Techs Have Worked Tirelessly Through the Global Pandemic

The last year and a half have been full of unprecedented challenges due to the global pandemic. But throughout the closures and quarantines last year, one constant remained: Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning remained open and worked tirelessly once deemed essential. Our technicians continue to work through the pandemic as essential workers to keep your home comfortable while you stay safe at home. We have carefully followed public health recommendations and social distanced during service visits to keep you and your family safe.

4. HVAC Techs Bring You Comfort at Home

At Bob’s Heating, our motto is well-known and loved: your family’s comfort is our family’s business. We know there’s nothing worse than being too hot or cold in your own home, which is why our techs go above and beyond to take care of HVAC needs. So when your AC breaks in the height of summer, you need a new hot water tank to run hot showers and wash dishes, or you need an air filter replacement to breathe clean air inside, you can count on Bob’s Heating techs to prioritize your comfort at home.

5. Bob’s Heating Techs Are Always Professional and Considerate

Our HVAC techs are polite, professional, and considerate on every house call. They take steps to wear booties over their shoes and cover your floors with drop cloths to avoid tracking dirt, dust, and mud through your home. We do our best not to leave a mess for you to clean up behind us.

Are You Interested in Joining Bob’s Family?

Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning has been family-owned and operated since 1957. We’re actively seeking new team members to join our growing family! Please visit our careers page to learn more about the benefits we offer, find open positions, and apply today!

Bob’s is your local HVAC expert, here to help make your home more comfortable and safer. Schedule a consultation or service appointment by filling out our online form or calling (800) 840-3346 today!

*Extreme weather conditions may hinder service schedules. We are proud to protect our team and wouldn’t allow for work to be done in dangerous weather conditions.

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