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5 Main Culprits of High Energy Bills During the Fall & Winter


Is Your Family About to Experience High Energy Bills?

Now that outside temperatures are cooling down, it is time to flip on the furnace! Before groaning over higher bills, understand the culprits. They are not as common as you think, and some nearly go undetected! Read on to learn five common culprits of high energy bills during the fall and winter months.


When a home has poor insulation, a portion of the heat produced by the furnace is completely wasted. When this is the case, it can seem nearly impossible to sustain a comfortable indoor temperature. Worst of all, the furnace is forced to work overtime to compensate for the heat loss. IF this heat loss is sustained, it can lead to expensive repairs, or worse. This is why poor insulation can lead to high energy bills.


New Bryant furnaces offered by Bob’s Heating are extremely energy-efficient and have a high annual fuel use efficiency of at least 95% or higher. Unfortunately, older furnaces do not fare so well. In fact, older furnace models use around 15% to 20% more energy than recent models. This is why an old furnace can often be linked to high energy bills. Contact us today to have a technician look at your furnace to see if and/or when you should consider a replacement furnace. Plus, if you purchase a new furnace from us before November 30th, you can receive up to 20% OFF a brand new furnace during our Pre-Season Furnace Sale!


High energy bills can easily be caused by misusing the thermostat. Cranking up the heat will not increase the rate at which the room temperature increases. Avoid this, as it can cause unnecessary stress to the furnace without any added benefit. It is also a good idea to set the temperature lower for the hours of the day that the house is vacant. Smart thermostats at Bob’s Heating can make your life even easier by allowing changes to be made from the convenience of a smartphone. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive line of thermostats.


Furnace size matters. If a furnace is incorrectly sized relative to the size of the home, it can lead to excessive energy usage. Our certified team is trained to help select the best furnace size possible.


Sometimes high energy bills can be a simple sign of neglect. Have the ducts been cleaned lately? Dirty furnace filters are one of the main reasons for furnace failure. When was the last time it was changed? Have you been partaking in the regular furnace and HVAC maintenance? All of these questions should be asked every so often in order to avoid high energy bills. Better yet, join one of our guardian maintenance programs to ensure your HVAC system is running in pristine condition all year long.


If you think your furnace could be on the fritz, now is the time to call Bob’s Heating! Receive up to 20% OFF a brand new furnace during our Pre-Season Furnace Sale!! Hurry now, this sale ends by November 30thBob’s Heating & Air Conditioning has a variety of quality products from furnaces to backup generators. Our team of certified repair and installation technicians are ready to install and maintain your new Bryant furnace or HVAC product. Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning proudly partners with organizations focused on sustainability and innovation, including Built Green, Energy Star, and Puget Sound Energy. Call us at 800-840-3346or contact us online.

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