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The Unmatched Benefits Of Home Generators


Gain peace of mind with a system that powers your home in the event of an emergency

In the winter of 2021, millions of people in Texas were left without access to electricity when the electric grid operator lost control of the power supply. Without power, homeowners were left with no way to communicate, keep themselves warm, or cook for several days. Generators quickly sold out, and for months afterward, the demand meant that buyers would not be able to receive their order until next year.

While the Washington power grid is not as vulnerable, it is still a lesson that it is better to prepare for an emergency before it happens. If the power were ever to go out due to extreme weather or another catastrophe, give your family peace of mind by having a generator on hand to run important systems like the furnace, refrigerator, and security system. Read on to learn more about the importance of a home generator in Issaquah and surrounding areas!

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How Generators Keep Your Home Safe

A power outage can occur at any time and stretch on for hours or days, posing a health and safety risk. Therefore, having a plan for how you will respond to power outages is critical. There are two kinds of generators: portable and standby. A portable generator runs on gasoline and needs to be plugged into your electrical panel or directly to the electronics you need to power to function. An important note—portable generators must be placed at least 10 feet from your home to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning!

A backup generator is a power source that automatically turns on when the main source is cut off. These are permanently installed outside a home, encased in a weather-proof enclosure for protection, and powered by natural gas or propane. As a result, critical systems like your HVAC system, lights, refrigerators, and more will stay powered. Some can even power your entire home!

Why Backup Generators Are More Reliable

Portable generators are generally more affordable than backup generators and might be a good option for smaller family homes. Standby generators, however, have many advantages over portable generators. At Bob’s Heating, our line of Honeywell Home Backup Generators detect power outages instantly, bring your power back automatically. A generator will keep your home comfort system running and your security system armed if you are away from home for an errand or vacation. Portable generators also have a threshold for the amount of energy they can provide. You either have to limit the number of systems you power or use multiple generators to power everything. Finally, a standby generator is powered by natural gas or propane, so you do not need to refuel. A portable generator requires frequent refuels to stay running, which can be a problem if roads are frozen over and you can’t get to a gas station.

Bob’s Heating is a proud dealer of Honeywell Automatic Home Backup Generators to provide power to your home in the event of an emergency. Request to be put on our service schedule by filling out our online form or calling Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning at (800) 840-3346 today!

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