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Home Generators 101


When you lose power, you have no lights, no air conditioning or heating, you can’t open your refrigerator, and you can’t use your laundry or your dishwasher. Your life is majorly affected. And, this does not even include the possible safety implications that accompany a power outage.

A whole-home generator can save you from the inconvenience and the worry that typically follows a blackout. How does it do that? Well, a generator is your power supply’s second line of defense. It is powered by gasoline, propane, diesel, or your home’s existing natural gasses, which is then converted into electricity. Home backup generators can power your home for weeks!

Which Generator Should You Get?

Here at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we recommend the Honeywell Automatic Home Backup Generator to all of our clients. We highly suggest the Honeywell brand and system, as it detects when power is lost and responds instantly, turning on automatically.

You won’t have to start it, you won’t have to fill it with gas (it runs on your home’s existing natural gasses), and you don’t need to plug it in. This is the most reliable whole-home generator on the market.

Depending on your home power usage, we will be able to fit the right Honeywell Home Generator to meet your power needs during an outage. We have generators that can cover up to 22,000 watts. There’s no shortage of power here!

How Does The Honeywell Home Line Of Generators Work?

  1. Once a power outage is detected, your Honeywell Home Generator will prepare to restore your home’s power in a matter of seconds.

  2. Your generator will automatically turn on. The automatic transfer switch will send the power from your generator to your home, and it will continue to provide power to your home until it senses that your main power source is restored.

  3. Once it detects that your primary power supply is back up and running, it will automatically switch back to its standby mode.

Honeywell Home Generator Features

  1. Wi-Fi Connectivity

With Wi-Fi capabilities, you are able to track your generator on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Once connected, this system will also notify you when it’s time for maintenance via these devices as well!

  1. Weather-Proof

The Honeywell Home Generator line comes with an all-weather aluminum enclosure that will resist corrosion and protect your system from any and all of the elements. The system can withstand up to 150mph winds!

  1. Extremely Quiet

Reduced noise is an essential feature in a generator, and that is exactly what the Honeywell Home Generator offers.

  1. PrecisionPower

With less than a 5% harmonic distortion, your new whole-house generator will provide an efficient and smooth operation to all devices connected to the generator.

  1. 5-Year Warranty

Your new Honeywell Backup Generator will come with a Limited 5-Year Warranty that includes labor and parts!

  1. User-Friendly

The Honeywell Generator’s Sync Controller will give you the ability to monitor battery levels and track your maintenance schedule remotely.

  1. Quiet-Test Self-Test Mode

The Quiet-Test™ Self-Test Mode allows your generator to run at a lower RPM for a five or twelve-minute test, making your system significantly quieter than other brands while consuming less fuel.

Devices That You Should Connect To Your Generator

Here are the appliances and devices that can be powered by your Honeywell Home Generator:

  • Automatic Garage Doors

  • Your HVAC System

  • Technological Devices

  • Your Refrigerator & Freezer

  • Your Hot Water Heater

  • Your Wi-Fi Modem

  • Your Home Security System

Power-proof your home. For your Honeywell Home Generator installation, contact Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning at 800-840-3346.

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