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Don’t Tank Your Energy Savings With Conventional Water Heaters

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Discover Tankless Water Heaters From Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Though professional athletes and celebrities may tout the health benefits of a cold shower, we at Bob’s Heating are huge fans of hot showers and baths. Unfortunately, some homeowners are under the impression that in order to always have hot water at the ready for their bathing and cleaning needs, they need a large, traditional water heater. That’s far from fact and can actually tank your energy savings and hot water availability!

With tankless water heaters, you’ll have hot water in a virtually endless supply with a lower long-term expense than tank water heaters. Want to learn more about how this modern water heating marvel can transform the way you enjoy a hot shower in your Sammamish, WA, home? Keep scrolling below to read our blog on the topic!

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Is It Time to Upgrade?

Here are a few ways you may discover that your traditional water heater is no longer efficiently working and serving your family’s needs: 

  • Hot water runs out quickly
  • Lukewarm or cold water flows, but not hot
  • Cloudy, rusty, or smelly water
  • Loud noises
  • Leaks

Why Tankless?

Conventional water tanks keep a large supply of water heated and ready for use, but there’s no need to keep that much water prepared at all times! This method wastes a lot of energy constantly keeping water warm while not in use. 

With tankless heaters, the water is flash-heated as needed. As long as the hot tap is running, you’ll have hot water. Because the system is smaller and much more compact than traditional models, homeowners are only expending energy to heat the water while the faucet is running; when it’s turned off, you aren’t wasting energy! This also means, your hot shower will never go cold on you! Traditional tank-type water heaters can run out of warm water if too much of it is used, but with a tankless-style heater, that water remains the perfect temperature until the faucet is turned off.

Tankless water heaters do have an initial cost that’s more than conventional heaters, but you’ll save money in the long run because you aren’t wasting electricity or gas to heat up unneeded water. Tankless units by brands like Noritz and Rinnai can reduce energy costs by 60% or more compared to a standard 50-gallon electric tank heater, plus they can last up to 20 years with fewer service and maintenance calls.

Your Trusted Partner

We’re a third-generation family-owned company with more than 65 years in the business. Not only are we dedicated to providing best-in-class service to our clients, but we assure you, there’s no need to take an icy shower when you have a tankless water heater installation from Bob’s Heating unless, of course, you want to!

We're here for you for all your long-lasting, reliable home comfort system needs. Fill out our contact form here to start discussing your next home project. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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