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3 Reasons to Work with a Trusted HVAC Contractor

two men and one woman sitting at a table discussing business

Let Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning Take Care of Your HVAC Needs

 Not all HVAC contractors in the Seattle, WA, area deliver the same top-notch service. We know how difficult it can be to find the right one for your home. It takes a lot of research into the company, a look at past testimonials to get a feel for them. Even then, it takes a little bit of trust to make the jump. Our team of HVAC experts is here to make the process as seamless as possible. Read along below to discover three reasons why you should trust Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning for all of your heating and cooling needs.

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Home Comfort Products to Get You Through Storm Season

A home’s exterior covered in snow.

Stay Safe & Warm with Reliable Solutions from Bob’s Heating

Winter is in full swing, and with it comes the intense storms that the Greater Seattle Area is quite familiar with around this time of year. Have you prioritized winter storm preparedness for your home? With top-tier heating and backup power solutions from Bob’s Heating, you can rest assured that your property is in good care during the worst of the storm, and long after it’s over.

Want to learn more about readying your home for anything mother nature has to throw your way? Keep reading below to prepare your home for what the season has in store.

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‘Tis the Season for Water Heater Services from Bob’s Heating

Closeup detail of a kitchen sink faucet running water

Stay On Top of Your Water Heater's Maintenance & Add Energy-Efficient Solutions

Do you remember the last time you or a professional flushed your water heater? If you can't answer that, or if it was more than a year ago, then it’s time for professional help. Now that you are thinking about it, here are some other water heater servicing aspects you might have forgotten to do:

  • Testing the temperature release valve
  • Flushing your tankless or traditional water heater's tank to prevent rust and sediment build-up

At Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we know how valuable comfort is to you and your family. That’s why we offer many different types of water heater services all year-round and focus on preventative maintenance so stringently. If you’re in need of any of the services listed above or are curious about newer, more efficient water heater options, keep reading below to learn more or contact Bob's Heating & Air Conditioning.

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Bob’s Heating Offers High-End Furnace Services for Your Winter Season

A couple staying warm inside during the winter season.

Stay Warm & Cozy This Winter With A Reliable Home Heating System

The winter months are upon us, meaning the indoors quickly become the safe haven from the bitter cold outside! But if your home’s heating system is faulty and unreliable, then you’re left huddling under blankets and suffering through a time of year that should exude a warm and cozy atmosphere for everyone.

When you work with a trusted company like Bob’s Heating, your living spaces can benefit from our top-tier furnace services and home heating systems all winter long. Our professional solutions can provide an enhanced home heating system that reaches every corner of your home and property. Keep reading below to learn more about our furnace services and home heating system support!

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3 Ways You Can Affordably Heat Your Home This Winter


Plus, Our Favorite & Most Efficient Home Heating Method!

Staying warm and storm-ready is at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind during the winter months. Astronomical energy bills could be on the horizon if you don’t have an affordable or efficient home heating plan in place. Read below to explore a few cost-effective methods to keep your home in the Greater Puget Sound area or the surrounding areas, cozy and warm this winter and avoid high electric bills!

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Home Upgrades to Make Before the Holidays

A modern kitchen space and diing room.

Keep your lights on, kitchen cooking, and shared spaces cozy with a backup generator. 

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to create the ultimate festive atmosphere inside of your Seattle-area home . 

A  big part of the holiday season and the atmosphere that makes it so great is what’s made in the kitchen. Many people can agree that full hearts and happy tummies are made here! But when you’re dealing with a big storm or sudden power outage, it can create a disastrous domino effect of problems while you’re trying to host friends and family. Not to mention, losing power can simply make the rest of your home entirely uncomfortable. .

Keep your kitchen appliances and home technologies running - and help ensure your family stays safe and warm with a home backup generator. Keep reading below to learn why this home upgrade is a must for your property this year.

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How an Air Purifier Can Help You Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

a group of women gathered around a holiday table display featuring food and beverages

Discover why portable air purifiers are a must-have addition to every gathering.

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner! While you’ve been worrying about switching out your seasonal decor, your home’s heating and cooling system is dealing with a few changes as well - and by that, we mean the weather is changing outside, and it’s time to assess your system.

As the days become shorter and the nights get colder in Sammamish and the surrounding areas, the calendar becomes filled with a myriad of festive holidays, all a perfect opportunity to enjoy your home with your loved ones. Keep reading below to discover how you can prepare your home for all the fun and visitors by adding a portable air purifier and scheduling a furnace maintenance visit from the team of professionals at Bob’s Heating.

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3 Reasons to Reconsider Using a Space Heater

A close-up of a space heater’s grille.

Begin Preparing for the Colder Months Today! 

Fall has just arrived in the Pacific Northwest area! The weather is crisp, the leaves are turning, and you can smell pumpkin spice just about everywhere you go. Though these aren’t the only signs that the year is coming to a close, they do indicate it’s time to assess your heating system. Preparing your home for a comfortable winter should be at the top of your autumn to-do list.

Adding space heaters may be the first thing you consider as a line of defense against the chilly air, but the truth is that these heating devices are not the best fit for all living spaces. Keep reading our blog below to learn how to safely and efficiently heat your home this upcoming winter.

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Here’s What to Know About Central vs. Forced Air Systems


Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning Explains the Essential Differences Between the Most Common Central Heating Systems

Central air or forced air, that is the question…or something along those lines was penned by Shakespeare, right? 

All jokes aside, many of our customers ask about the difference between these two terms in reference to home heating systems, so we’ve decided to elaborate on the subject in our latest blog. Once you’re done reading, you’ll know the critical differences and similarities between the two and understand who can help you determine the best fit for your Sammamish, WA, home. Keep scrolling to learn more!

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Which Type of Generator Is Best for Your Home?

A well-lit home that can utilize a backup generator.

Whole-Home Standby Generators vs. Portable Generators 

Don’t get caught in the middle of an emergency with no power - and with no idea what to do next! When disaster strikes, it’s essential that you are prepared for the long haul. Stay comfortable and keep your family safe in your Seattle, WA home during any emergency with a robust and reliable backup generator in place.

But what type of generator is best for your home - a portable or standby option ? In this blog, we’ll dive into why a backup generator is essential for your home, the different types of generators and how our team can help with installation . Read on below for more!

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Don’t Tank Your Energy Savings With Conventional Water Heaters

closeup shot of hands beneath running, splashing water

Discover Tankless Water Heaters From Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Though professional athletes and celebrities may tout the health benefits of a cold shower, we at Bob’s Heating are huge fans of hot showers and baths. Unfortunately, some homeowners are under the impression that in order to always have hot water at the ready for their bathing and cleaning needs, they need a large, traditional water heater. That’s far from fact and can actually tank your energy savings and hot water availability!

With tankless water heaters, you’ll have hot water in a virtually endless supply with a lower long-term expense than tank water heaters. Want to learn more about how this modern water heating marvel can transform the way you enjoy a hot shower in your Sammamish, WA, home? Keep scrolling below to read our blog on the topic!

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Top 3 Questions You Should Be Asking About Your HVAC System

Two Bob’s Heating technicians check on an HVAC installation.

Let Bob’s Heating take care of your system and keep your spaces comfortable all year round!

Climate control is an essential part of building a welcoming environment to enjoy with your family. Whether you are trying to create a cozy, comfortable  room on a cold winter’s night in the greater Seattle area or keeping your spaces cool on a hot summer day, a reliable and advanced HVAC system is essential.

To get the systems that satisfy your home's unique needs, reach out to a professional HVAC company that can walk you through the whole process. Bob's Heating has decades of experience and is ready to update your HVAC technology to ensure you always get the living experience you deserve. Keep reading our blog to learn three must-know details to keep in mind when updating an HVAC system.

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Why Summer HVAC Service is Needed Now More Than Ever


The Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning Team Wants to Help You Stay Safe & Energy-Efficient

It’s getting hot, hot, hot! There’s no need to struggle with being uncomfortable in your Seattle-area home this summer - or any season - when you’ve got Bob’s on your side. 

When it comes to cooling services, Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning has you covered this summer and year-round! Keep reading below to discover what you can do when you experience an AC issue, need maintenance, or need to reassess your cooling needs.

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Experience Ductless AC Throughout Your Living Spaces

An open-concept living space with table and chairs in the foreground and a couch TV in the background.

Highly Efficient Ductless Units Bring Comfort Where You Need It

You want to experience cool rooms during the height of this summer’s heat. If your home can’t provide that relief, you’re stuck feeling uncomfortable and searching for cool air! And if your home or room additions don’t have ductwork, then you might consider central AC out of reach for your Woodinville, WA, property. However, ductless AC services from Bob’s Heating deliver the comfort you need for every area of your home.

Create an inviting space for your family and friends without the need for ductwork installation in rooms that would require air conditioning. Want to learn more about our services and support? Keep reading below. 

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HVAC Troubleshooting: Tips to Prevent Overloading Your System

Technician talking to owner about his outdoor air conditioning unit

Was your Seattle, WA HVAC system overloaded last summer? Don't let it happen again! 

When it is hot outside, it is much more difficult to ool your home, and your HVAC system has to work much harder. When the heat doesn’t let up, your HVAC system gets overworked. Recent summer heatwaves have made some air conditioners overload and lock at the worst possible time. So what can you do to prevent your HVAC system from failing due to overuse? Read on to learn more about HVAC troubleshooting

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Fun Seattle Area Activities for You & Your Family this Summer

A group of friends taking a hike and viewing the scenery for a must-do Seattle summer activity.

Spend Time Together While Taking in the City Sights & Places

When the winter season is here, and the weather is less than accommodating, it’s easy to forget just how much fun and adventure you can seek outdoors. But now, with summer getting into full swing, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of all that the greater Seattle area has to offer! From baseball games to local wineries, there’s something for everyone to enjoy this season.

We’ve compiled together a list of the top Seattle summer activities that you, your family, and friends can take part in now and some even all year long! Want to find out more about how you can best experience the city? Keep reading below.

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How to Combat Allergy Season with Indoor Air Quality Services

A bright living room with an air quality system mounted high on the wall.

4 Tips to Bring Cleaner Air to Your Washington Home

They say you can’t have the bad without the good. Here in Western Washington and the greater Puget Sound, our state’s majestic nature also brings along irritating seasonal allergies. Common allergens like ragweed, tree pollen, grass pollen, and mold spores fill the air, causing itchy, watery eyes, sore throats, and stuffy noses.

If your family in the Sammamish, WA area experiences seasonal allergies, there are steps you can take to make your home’s air more breathable. With indoor air quality systems and proper care for your AC unit, you’ll eliminate allergens and feel better indoors. 

Tired of combatting allergies year after year? Then consider these tips to improve your home’s airflow!

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The Importance of Ductwork Services for Your Home

A freshly made bed representing the clean, refreshing atmosphere via professional duct services.

Clean Air Helps You and Your Family Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep

How did you sleep last night? The quality of your sleep affects nearly everything the following day – from your energy levels to your interactions with others. So, when you can’t get the refreshing and rejuvenating sleep that your mind and body crave, you’ll start to notice the effects.

But what if you can’t achieve that restful sleep in your own home in the Greater Seattle area? Perhaps the problem is in the air quality! When your home’s air filtration isn’t up to par, it can affect you and your family’s sleep. Regular duct cleaning services from Bob’s Heating help eliminate airborne pollutants and improve your home’s overall air quality in Woodinville, WA and beyond.

Our top-notch duct cleaning services promote wellness throughout your entire home. Want to find out more? Keep reading below to learn about our reliable, high-end services and solutions.

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Keep Your Family Healthy and Safe With a Portable Air Purifier

Woman and child on a kitchen counter doing homework and using a laptop

Reduce Allergy Symptoms and Polluted Air in Your Sammamish, WA Residence with a Portable Air Purifier

Although it may seem that your home is impeccably clean, the air can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside your house due to little or no natural air circulation. The downside is that this causes pollutants to accumulate in different rooms and spaces of your home. To keep air quality high in your residence it is necessary to keep it purified and well ventilated. During allergy seasons such as summer and spring, if you do not maintain air circulation, carbon dioxide and pollutants can accumulate and possibly become harmful to your family's health. Read on to learn about the benefits and options available to keep your family healthy with a portable air purifier in Sammamish, WA.

Having a portable air purifier means breathing clean and properly filtered air anywhere in your home. Aside from this obvious benefit, there are some other advantages of having a portable air purifier at home that you should consider.

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Changing Your Air Filter: a Simple Task with Big Benefits

HVAC technician explaining to a homeowner how to install his air filter

One small change can make all the difference!

The spring and summer seasons can mean that many outdoor pollutants are making their way into your home HVAC system, such as dust, pollen, small debris particles, and even smoke due to wildfires. It is important to have proper indoor air filtration to combat these elements and improve air quality inside your home. Having clean HVAC air filters in your home here in the Pacific Northwest is crucial to keep the air pure and protect the health of you and your family. Although it may seem like a mundane thing to do, air filters should be taken more seriously because the well-being of you and your family can depend on them. Below you can learn more about air filter replacement benefits and about our air filter replacement program to get a new filter sent directly to your home every 90 days.

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