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5 Tips for a Healthy 2021


With the dawn of a new year upon us, we’re sharing a few tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout 2021.

3 Healthy Lifestyle Habits for the Whole Family

We don’t always get a say in whether we avoid illness or other health issues, but we can do our best to make sure our family is as healthy as possible to fight back against any health concerns that may arise.

1. Cook at Home More

People who cook at home more tend to be healthier and happier. According to a , people who cooked their meals at home consumed fewer calories, both from those homemade meals and from any food they ate at restaurants. And people who cook for more than just themselves are more likely to include a diverse range of healthy foods in their meals!

If cooking in your home often leads to lingering cooking smells, consider an indoor air purifier to  from your home.

2. Invest in Plants

Several studies have concluded that plants offer numerous benefits to our mental wellbeing—including . Plants can also increase the productivity of office workers.

3. Stick to a Bedtime Routine

Studies have shown that keeping a regular bedtime routine can help you fall asleep faster, balance your sleep, and make you feel more rested in the morning. Here are some easy steps you can add to your bedtime routine:

  • Power down - Turn off all screens 30 minutes before you want to drift off to sleep. Blue light signals to our minds that we’re working, so staring at your screen before bed can make your mind take longer to shut down.
  • Create a to-do list - If you struggle to shut your brain off before going to sleep, try creating a to-do list of all your tasks for the next day. That way, everything is written down, and you can put it out of your mind until you are ready to begin work in the morning.
  • Add meditation or yoga - Adding a physical activity like yoga or a  to your routine helps relax your body and center your mind on yourself—not on tomorrow’s to-do list.

2 Simple Tips to Avoid Sickness

If 2020 taught us anything, it was how to avoid getting sick. Keep these tips as a way to stay healthy all year long!

1. Practice What We Preach

No one wants to repeat the past year, but the pandemic did give us great new tools and methods for coping with cold and flu seasons.

  • Personal protective equipment: Keep that mask around—you never know when you will want to protect the health of yourself or your family by keeping your own breathing space in public spaces.
  • Wash your hands: This is an easy one, but make sure to continue practicing good hygiene. It’s not a guaranteed method of preventing illness, but it goes a long way.

2. Invest in Your Air Quality

The air we breathe has never been under as much scrutiny. The uncertainty of how COVID spreads made many homeowners wonder if they needed to take action in their own homes. Our unique line of indoor air purifiers does a great job of keeping the air inside of your home healthy and safe. Some even fight against COVID-19! There are  of an air purification system in your home—better quality air decreases  and other indoor air contaminants.

Bob's Heating & Air Conditioning offers many options to help you combat poor indoor air quality. < or by phone at 800-840-3346 to learn which option is best for your home!

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