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4 Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

A man waving his hand in front of his indoor AC unit to see if it's blowing cold air.

Call the Experts at Bob's Heating if You Notice Any of These Issues 

The weather is heating up in Bellevue and the surrounding areas, so it may be the first time you put your AC to the test in months. Our team usually sees an uptick in AC repair calls during this time of year due to air conditioners not reaching the desired temperature or people noticing weird smells and sounds. Many times, people aren't sure if what they see is normal and not a big deal. 

With that in mind, we wanted to put together some common issues we see from clients and provide guidance on when repair services are needed. These are just some of the things you should look out for. You should also reach out if you notice leaking water, high humidity, or insufficient airflow.

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Is Warm Air Circulating Throughout Your House?

This is the most noticeable issue and the main reason we receive calls. Your AC isn't doing its job and cooling the air before circulating it. Before contacting your local AC repair shop, check your thermostat to see if it's set to the desired temperature. If it is, warm air circulating from the AC is definitely a red flag, as it probably means a leaking air duct or issues with your compressor or refrigerants. You should check any warm air issues quickly as it likely means your AC is working extra hard to compensate--leading to higher costs and possible system breakdown. 

Is Your AC Constantly Turning On and Off? 

It's natural for your AC to turn on and off during the day as it regulates your home's temperature. Normally, it'll run for a few minutes, then shut off again. It may turn on more often during the hottest days of summer; however, if it's shutting on and off constantly, it could mean your system needs a tune-up or repair. On the flip side, if you notice your AC is running continually and barely shutting off, that could be an issue, too. You either don't have a big enough unit to cool the home or you may have a refrigerant leak. 

Are There Weird Noises Coming from Your AC Unit?

Though there are inherent sounds as the AC powers on and off and circulates air throughout the house, loud noises are never a good sigh. Clicking, banging, or clanking all usually mean a loose component. A louder rattling could signal a failed motor. Immediately contact a professional if you hear hissing, bubbling or buzzing. These typically involve refrigerant leaks or electrical problems and could threaten your safety if not resolved quickly. 

Is There an Odd Odor Throughout the House?

It's not uncommon for your AC to spread certain odors when it's having issues. As with noises, some are more serious than others. Musty odors, for example, usually mean mildew or mold growing in or around your AC (or the ductowrk) and sometimes can be resolved with a simple filter change. If you notice a rotten egg smell or burnt rubber, call for help immediately. Rotten egg smells could mean a natural gas leak, while a burnging smell points to an electrical issue that could cause a fire if not resolved quicky. 

If you notice any of these issues with your air conditioning, don't wait! Call the experts at Bob's Heating or fill out our contact form for immediate assistance. 

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