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3 Reasons to Reconsider Using a Space Heater

A close-up of a space heater’s grille.

Begin Preparing for the Colder Months Today! 

Fall has just arrived in the Pacific Northwest area! The weather is crisp, the leaves are turning, and you can smell pumpkin spice just about everywhere you go. Though these aren’t the only signs that the year is coming to a close, they do indicate it’s time to assess your heating system. Preparing your home for a comfortable winter should be at the top of your autumn to-do list.

Adding space heaters may be the first thing you consider as a line of defense against the chilly air, but the truth is that these heating devices are not the best fit for all living spaces. Keep reading our blog below to learn how to safely and efficiently heat your home this upcoming winter.

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Reson #1: You Need to Heat a Big Space 

Space heaters are usually a good option for small places, for example, condominiums, mother-in-law suites, or individual rooms with minimal insulation, such as rooms with several large windows where heat can easily dissipate.

However, if you have a larger property with ample square footage, space heaters won’t be enough to keep your home warm and comfortable until springtime. In this case, a professionally installed furnace is your best bet, as it is much more efficient in heating your entire home and providing a cozy living space all winter. With a whole-home heating solution, drafty areas and cold spots are no longer an issue for your family. 

Reason #2: You Want to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient 

Harsh weather conditions are one of the main causes of skyrocketing energy bills. So if you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint and potentially save a few hundred dollars this year, adding a furnace to your home is a must!

At Bob’s Heating & Air, we are proud to represent one of the most reputable brands in the HVAC industry, Bryant, as a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. . As a result of our team’s experience working with Bryant equipment, our sales and install teams can incorporate unique heating solutions, such as the Evolution line of gas furnace systems. This line of furnaces has scored up to 98.3% of Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), a percentage reflecting how much heat is produced for every volume of fuel consumed per year. This means it will be less expensive to power the system, yet you’ll have a greater heating output than with a smaller space heater!

Reason #3: You Want to Avoid Safety Risks

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for homeowners everywhere, especially if you have young children or pets. Keeping your loved ones safe from dangerously hot surfaces is essential, so avoiding space heaters just makes sense. 

Space heaters can become a danger if touched, and they are frequently prone to electrical issues. Many homeowners also plug them into extension cords or power strips, not understanding that this puts them at a greater risk of fire during power surges and outages. 

A furnace system, on the other hand, automatically adjusts the temperature in a room and can even reduce humidity fluctuations to ensure your family always enjoys a comfortable at-home experience. There’s no need to walk from room to room with a blanket or constantly wear your sweater when you have a professionally installed furnace from Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning.

A Cozy Winter Awaits

Our team is deeply committed to providing our clients with the best HVAC systems and strives to transform homes into more comfortable and inviting spaces. Are you ready to prepare your Seattle-area home for a cozy winter? Contact us right here to start a conversation about the possibilities. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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