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Live Simply with Bob’s Smart Home this Holiday Season

The holidays are coming. Make life simpler for you and all your guests with world-class home automation from Bob’s Smart Home! Bob’s Heating is proud to partner with Creston Pyng, an intelligent and customizable way to make your homework smarter, not harder during the holidays. Discover the advantages of each of our home automation options this holiday season in our latest blog!


For most, the holiday season means family, friends, food—and, of course, presents. But for criminals, the holiday season is the perfect time for theft. Did you know a burglary takes place every eighteen seconds in the United States? That adds up to nearly 200 per hour. Enhance your home’s security during the high time for robberies with the Creston Pyng Security Option Package. This package allows you to automate your home to arm the security system, automatically turn on or off lights, and lock all the doors with the touch of a button.


Now that we are already halfway through November, you are sure to hear the tunes of the holidays creeping their way into your sound waves. Make all your holiday music dreams come true from the comfort of your own home with Bob’s Smart Home Audio Option. This package allows you to broadcast audio inside (and outside) each room of your home. Does your family have varying tastes? Play nursery rhymes in the nursery, or blood-pumping metal in the gym. Enhance your home entertainment experience with Cryston Pyng by Bob’s Smart Home.


Nothing adds a touch of comfort to the holidays like perfect lighting. With Bob’s Smart Home and Creston Pyng Technology, your lighting options are limitless. Set the ambiance with automated lighting to match any activity, whether it’s a movie night or Thanksgiving dinner. Our lighting package simplifies, streamlines, and automates your home’s feel one light at a time.


In addition to increased security, Bob’s Smart Home automation provides the option to add home surveillance. Through the touch of a smart device, monitor loved ones, pets, and valuables from the palm of your hand. Add features such as motion activated cameras that record for extra surveillance support. Are you traveling for the holidays? Monitor your home from anywhere with internet access! Surveillance can be made that simple with Bob’s Smart Home.


Bob’s Smart Home installs simple and elegant home automation solutions for every budget and need. It has never been easier or more affordable to integrate your home with custom solutions that make your holiday season easier, more enjoyable and more secure. The experts at Bob’s Smart Home are ready and available to tailor your home to fit your lifestyle. Check out Control4 for the ultimate integrated experience.  Call us at (425) 689-7778 or contact us online to get started today.