Home Efficiency

How to Improve Home Energy Efficiency in 5 Ways

Looking to cut down on your energy waste and bill? Start by making your home more energy-efficient. Learn how to save money and improve home energy efficiency in the following five ways!


Upgrading the insulation of your home is a great, cost-effective way to reduce energy waste. Sometimes, significant amounts of heated and cooled air are lost due to poor or outdated insulation. Consider updating your attic’s insulation because it is usually the most accessible and affordable to replace.


Consider the parts of your home you do not often give much attention to. Your water heater is likely one of them. Try dropping the temperature down a few degrees. This is an easy way to encourage savings without any noticeable changes in your home comfort.


Increase the value of your home while lowering energy costs by upgrading windows. Over time, upgrading your windows will lead to reduced energy expenses and an increased resell value of your home. Energy Star estimates certified windows, doors, and skylights can reduce your energy bill by 15 percent.


Programmable thermostats are great time-savers. They heat or cool your home automatically, so you do not have to think twice about it. Try setting your thermostat a few degrees warmer in the summer and a few degrees cooler during the winter to save on energy costs.


It may sound counterintuitive to spend more money to ultimately spend less, but think of the long-term paybacks. Upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances can significantly reduce costs over time. We recommend upgrading any large, energy-consuming necessities such as your furnace, water heater, air conditioner, or washing machine if you are looking to make significant savings down the road.

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