Five Quick Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

According to a Clorox, Ketchum Global Research & Analytics study, 66 percent of Americans participate in annual ‘spring cleaning’. While spring cleaning is a tradition, the springtime brings weather changes, which allows people to be more focused on tidying up their homes and being prepared for warmer weather. As one of the leading comfort companies of choice in Western Washington, at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we want to make sure that your home is in optimal shape and comfortable all year round. Check out our five quick spring cleaning tips to integrate in your spring cleaning today.


  1. With every new change of season, make sure to always check your air conditioning and heating systems to make sure they are running properly. Having a professional check your systems will allow you to see any damages or the need for a necessary repair.
  2. With our air conditioners, most of our customers tend to need a 4” pleated filter. Make sure to change them every 90 days. For those with 1” filters, they need to be replaced on a monthly basis. Depending on the type you use, fiberglass filters last a month, while other filters can last about three to four months. HEPA filters can last up to six months. Do not forget about our 1-year and 3-year Automatic Filter Replacement Programs, which includes a 4” pleated media filter that will be delivered at your door every 90 days by UPS. Bob’s offers six different filter sizes, therefore make sure to include the model number that goes with your system.
  3. The batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced twice a year (daylight savings time and back to standard time). Also, detectors need to be dusted in order to keep them clean and working at their optimal performance
  4. Typically, water heaters can last eight to twelve years. If it is over five years old, check your water heater monthly for possible leaks or rusting. If leakage or rusting is found, it is advised to replace your water heater.
  5. Make sure the interior venting system of your dryer is cleaned at least once a year by a professional service technician. Bob’s also offers a Lintalert Dryer Vent Safety Alarm to monitor the air pressure in your dryer’s transition house. As lint continues to accumulate, it can clog the dryer system. The Lintalert Dryer Vent Safety Alarm will sound once the air pressure inside the transition hose reaches a dangerous level. This alert will signal that your dryer duct system needs to be inspected and serviced.


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