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Let’s Talk About Furnace Performance – How Did Yours Perform Last Winter?

As we transition into a new season, it is easy to write off the last and look to the new. However, what would happen if you slow down to reflect? Have you considered checking your furnace performance from last winter? Learn how to inspect and gain a deeper understanding of how your system performed throughout the cold winter months.


The best way to understand how your furnace performed last winter is to compare energy bills with the previous winter. Are bills higher than usual? Make sure to take into account any unavoidable rate increases from the energy company. If your furnace is starting to show its age and appears to be working harder than average, it may be time to consider a furnace upgrade.


Sometimes checking your furnace performance is as easy as listening. Check for any unusual noises coming from your HVAC system. Do you hear any squeaking, rattling, or popping noises? Intermittent noises are a good indicator that your furnace may be on the fritz. Check out our last blog to understand what certain HVAC sounds mean.


Do you remember having any uncomfortable or uneven temperatures? These are usually a sign of performance issues. If you can say “yes” to either of the two, it means it is time to get them inspected by a trusted, certified professional HVAC technician. Stop wondering if there is a performance issue coming from your furnace or supporting HVAC equipment. Contact us today to seek out any performance issues related to ductwork leaks or blocked air vents.


Are you diligent with your routine furnace maintenance? If so, you likely have nothing to worry about in regards to your furnace performance (other than natural wear and tear). However, we understand we are all human and maintaining our home’s HVAC equipment is not typically top of mind. If you are guilty of not conducting regular checkups, it may be a good time to schedule that maintenance appointment you have been putting off. Plus, at Bob’s Heating, we make things even easier with our Guardian Maintenance Plans. You can rely on our Trust Certified technicians to diagnose any problems or potential system warnings.

Stop Guessing & Start Caring About Your Furnace Performance

Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning is a premier HVAC contractor that specializes in installing and maintaining furnaces and other HVAC equipment in the greater Seattle area. Purchase your air conditioner or furnace from one of the leading comfort companies in the Pacific Northwest for a great deal! Furthermore, enroll in one of our Guardian Maintenance Plans to maximize the life of your investment. Call us at (425) 689-7778 or contact us online to schedule your spring cleaning appointment today.