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Summer Prep Tips for Your HVAC Systems

As summer arrives, many are switching from their furnace to their air conditioning units. Most, however, are not aware of the importance of checking their HVAC systems as they prepare for the summer. Read on to discover some essential summer prep tips for your HVAC units brought to you by Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning. When in doubt, our team of certified technicians can help you with all of your HVAC system needs.


Your furnace might not be in much use during these summer months, but it is still important to check up on your furnace before you turn it off for the summer. Summer prep tips for furnaces include making sure that your filters and coils are cleaned or replaced if needed. If you need assistance with replacing a filter, check out these tutorial videos to get you all set up. If you need further assistance, we are happy to help you replace and clean your furnace. This regular checkup will prepare your furnace for the winter months when it is used regularly.

Looking to replace your furnace? Check out our array of furnaces that will keep your home air warm and clean.


Air conditioners need to be checked before use in the summer. Similarly to the furnace being dormant in the summer, your air conditioner was not used in the winter. The colder weather could possibly have damaged or dirtied the air conditioner. It is crucial to have your air conditioner cleaned and checked by a certified professional. This prevents it from potentially pumping contaminated air into your home. Debris and dirt can also damage your unit and cost you more money.

Ensuring that the air conditioner is fully cleaned is a vital step in your HVAC summer prep. Similarly to your furnace, we can also assist you in cleaning your air conditioner unit. Air conditioners need their filters and coils cleaned, especially since they can accumulate dust and debris. Clutter like leaves or dirt can also collect in the drain and can block important parts of your air conditioner and damage the system.

Take the time to test the unit before putting it into heavy use. Anything from the coolant lines to dust buildup can keep your air conditioner from running properly. If you find that your air conditioner is malfunctioning, please contact us to get a certified technician to look at your air conditioner. We also have top air conditioner products that will keep your house cool this summer.


A faulty thermostat can waste energy and keep your house from getting cool in the summer. One simple way to test your thermostat is to set the thermostat five degrees cooler during the warmer months to make sure that the correct unit turns on. If the A/C unit is unresponsive, call us to have a technician check to see if the blower comes on properly.

It might be time for you to switch over to a state-of-the-art thermostat with Wi-Fi capabilities. We carry a range of thermostats from which you can choose from. Thermostats such as the Nest Learning Thermostat have been found to save energy. Wi-Fi controlled thermostats also allow for you to control the temperature of your home from an app on your smartphone.


Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning provides you with top service performances for your furnaces, air conditioners, and other home systems. Our goal is to increase the indoor air quality in Western Washington homes. With certified, dedicated technicians ready to assist you, your home air will stay cool and clean this summer. To set up an appointment or to learn more about our services and products, call us at (800) 840-3346 or contact us online.