Crestron Pyng Home Automation Packages

Gain complete control of your home by selecting Crestron Pyng’s Smart Home Automation Starter Package from Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning. This smart home technology is for all homes and can upgrade the performance of your residence with easy access through a smartphone, tablet, or even a watch. Improve your lifestyle today through a convenient app at your hands.


Our Home Automation Starter Package gives you full access and customization to lighting, security, heating, and cooling, and beyond to create a safe, comfortable, and lavish lifestyle at home. Implement the smart home app on any device and control important settings on thermostats and locks throughout your home while you are away. The starter package includes:

Expand your Smart Home Automation Starter Package with other smart solutions:


Bob’s Smart Home Audio Option is perfect for music lovers. Enjoy audio throughout your entire residence from just a single location. This option comes with the Crestron Interface and state of the art controllers, which allows for total access of any room to play or listen to various music platforms simultaneously. Also, the Audio Option acquires a variety of options for audio systems and the choice to be wired or wireless.


Bob’s Smart Home and Crestron Pyng Technology provide unlimited automated lighting options. Configure the ambiance of your home with Lighting Control and design lighting based on your own home preferences. Forget to turn off the lights when you left the house? This option includes an in-wall Smart Keypad and five Smart keypads to help simplify adjusting the lighting settings throughout your residence anytime, anyplace.


The most important factor in any home is feeling secure and safe at all times. Protect your home by selecting Bob’s Smart Home Security Option to provide comfort and safety for you and your family. The security option can protect your residence from possible break-ins or damage through any smart device by disarming or setting alarms, auto lighting options, adjusting temperature, and access to locking doors through the convenience of a button.


On top of added security, Bob’s Smart Home Surveillance Option gives you additional eyes to look out for you, your family, pets, and valuables. Just like most of the options, simply access surveillance options through the touch of a smart device to control and adjust cameras outside and inside the house. Additional features include motion activation that records when the camera senses detect movement.


Bob’s Smart Home installs simple and elegant home automation solutions for every budget and need. It has never been easier or more affordable to integrate your home with custom solutions that make your life easier, more enjoyable and more secure. With over 50 years of combined home technology experience, the experts at Bob’s Smart Home are ready and available to tailor your home to fit your lifestyle.