Keep Your Gas Furnace in Tip-Top Shape

Of all the things to help keep you cozy as the temperatures drop, your gas furnace is probably the most important.  Problems with your furnace can range in severity, but routine maintenance from Bob’s Heating can help keep your gas furnace in proper working order.


So let’s talk about those common gas furnace problems:

Thermostat: The furnace thermostat regulates when the furnace should turn on and off by sensing the temperature of a room and adjusting the furnace accordingly to maintain the desired setpoint.  Thermostat issues include wiring problems, low batteries, improper equipment mode, and poor programming. If your thermostat isn’t wired properly, is low on the battery charge, or is set to “cool” or “fan” mode when it should be set to “heat” mode, your home likely won’t stay warm when it gets cold.

Dirt: A clean furnace is a happy furnace.  If the flame sensor is dirty, then it may not be detecting the heat from the burners. If the sensor is unable to detect the heat it may trigger a safety feature that shuts off the gas supply. Another part of your furnace that could be dirty is the air filter.  Clogged or dusty filters reduce airflow, causing circulation problems that could cause your furnace to overheat and shut down automatically.

Pilot Light: If you have an older furnace with a pilot light, the flame can blow out for a variety of reasons.  Making sure that the air intake vent is clear from debris such as leaves and dust will help keep the pilot light burning.


To keep your furnace working for you into the cooler months:

  • Replace your air filter – furnace filters should be changed at regular intervals.  Depending on the filtration level of the filter, this should be every 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • Check the thermostat – some thermostats are battery operated; check your thermostat’s battery to keep it running through the winter. Also, ensure that your thermostat is set to “Auto” or “Heat” mode to ensure the furnace is running when it should.
  • Check for the correct fan setting – the fan should be set on “Auto” as the other settings will cause it to run continuously, which could feel cool when you want your home warm.
  • Maintenance – now is the perfect time to give your furnace its routine check-up.  It’s better to do it now than when temperatures dip to freezing and your house isn’t heating. Bob’s Heating maintenance specialists will inspect and correct any issues that could cause a malfunction during the winter and lead to expensive repairs.


Never hesitate to contact a qualified professional.  Any furnace may pose safety hazards related to combustion or gas.  Having your furnace properly maintained will help prevent any of those unwanted problems from arising.  The licensed and certified technicians at Bob’s Heating can provide the repair, maintenance, and inspection that you need.  Schedule your appointment today!


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