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5 Reasons to Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day

houseplant appreciation day
  Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day! Learn how to keep your indoor air feeling fresh during these dry, cold months.  Plus, tap into five new ways that houseplants help purify your home and contribute to the overall wellbeing of those living in it. Better Breathing Plants and humans naturally live in tandem with one another. When plants undergo photosynthesis, they consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. Humans do just the opposite. This complementary relationship helps balance out oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in your home. Invest in some indoor plants to help create a better breathing environment for […]Read more

4 Reasons Why You Should Purify Your indoor Air

reasons to purify your indoor air
Will you be home for the holidays? Create a comfortable living experience for you and your guests with an indoor air purifier from Bob’s Heating. While most of your to-do checklist likely consists of cleaning visible dirt and grime, consider the less obvious areas that need cleaning, such as your home’s indoor air! Did you know the U.S. EPA has estimated that indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted than air outdoors? Clean your home and keep it that way with an indoor air purifier!  Babies, guests, and even pets will benefit from purified air, helping them sleep soundly […]Read more

Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning of Woodinville Achieves ACCA Quality Assured Accreditation

Here at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we are always seeking ways to achieve and improve our services while optimizing our level of expertise. Recently, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Quality Assured (QA) program has accredited our business as a Quality Assured Contractor. This accreditation means Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning is able to meet nationally-recognized, industry-developed standards to provide excellent support of ENERGY STAR Certified Homes and Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Homes. Most importantly, this ensures our customers that we are professionals in our field and will provide the very best customer care. Accreditation from […]Read more

Winterize Your Home in 5 Simple Steps

winterize your home
First the rain hits, then the snow falls. Is your home prepared for the cold weather ahead? If you haven’t already, now is the time to winterize your home. Discover how to make sure your home is ready for winter in just five simple steps! 1. Turn Off the Air Conditioning Unit While HVAC units, such as your air conditioner, are designed to exist outside, it is still necessary to consider the potential damage that could result during a storm. The first step to take to winterize your home is to shut off the air conditioning unit. Shutting off the […]Read more

Live Simply with Bob’s Smart Home this Holiday Season

Bob's Smart Home - Holiday Season - Home Automation Blog
The holidays are coming. Make life simpler for you and all your guests with world-class home automation from Bob’s Smart Home! Bob’s Heating is proud to partner with Creston Pyng, an intelligent and customizable way to make your home work smarter, not harder during the holidays. Discover the advantages of each of our home automation options this holiday season in our latest blog! Increased Security For most, the holiday season means family, friends, food—and, of course, presents. But for criminals, the holiday season is the perfect time for theft. Did you know a burglary takes place every eighteen seconds in […]Read more

How to Keep Energy Costs Down this Fall

energy costs - family
Now that chilly autumn weather has replaced the warmth of summer, it is time to bundle up and buckle down this fall! Whether you are looking to put more money away toward a college fund, or simply reduce your carbon footprint, reducing overall energy consumption has its many perks to better benefit you and your family! Read on to learn how you can be more conscious with your utility bill with some of the easiest ways to reduce energy costs and consumption this season. Program the Thermostat Every household has a unique schedule, and your thermostat should have one too. […]Read more


HVAC tips for fall - blog size
Fall is here! As the leaves change and temperatures drop, it is time to ensure your home is ready for the harsh seasons that lie ahead. It’s time to make sure your HVAC system is ready for fall and winter. Regular HVAC maintenance can extend the life of your furnace and limit the need for costly repairs in the future. Have a warm and welcoming home by following these helpful home comfort tips for fall! Check Your Furnace Filter Did you know the number one cause of a furnace fire is a dirty furnace filter? Save yourself from this disaster, and be sure […]Read more

Why Customers Fall in Love with our Honeywell Home Backup Generators

honeywell home backup generators
Fall has arrived! As we admire colorful foliage, dust off our cozy sweaters, and sip our pumpkin spice lattes, we reflect and plan for autumn. Is your home prepared for pesky power outages due to inevitable fall and winter storms? We may not be able to prevent a power outage from occurring, but we can ensure your home’s power can be restored! Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning carries Honeywell Home Backup Generators that will automatically restore power to your home within seconds! Did we mention they’re on sale until 10/31/18? Read on to learn why you should invest in this life (and power) […]Read more

Furnace Replacement Factors: Is a New Furnace In Order?

pnw - furnace replacement
Fall is almost here, and with it begs the question: “Is it time to replace my furnace?” A furnace replacement may be in the near future depending on a number of reasons. Keep your home cold weather ready by discovering which factors you need to consider when debating if a furnace replacement is in order for your household. Factor #1 – Age How old is your furnace? Some furnaces haven’t been replaced since the home was originally built, so that can help you reference the age of the unit. According to the International Association of Home Inspectors (NACHI), a furnace’s […]Read more

HVAC Jobs Available – Why You Should Work for Bob’s Heating

HVAC Jobs Available at Bob's
Ever wonder what it’s like to work for one of Washington’s 100 Best Companies AND the only HVAC company to make this year’s winners list? Stop wondering and start applying for available HVAC jobs at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning! We’re hiring qualified applicants that are ready to work hard for a company that cares about their employees in a fun, dedicated, team-oriented work environment. Read on to learn some of the many reasons why you should apply for a job at Bob’s! Staff Breakfasts & Lunches After being in business for more than 60 years, we know a thing […]Read more

Duct Tales: Are You Dwelling Among Clean Air Ducts?

clean air ducts
Clean air ducts are an important factor when it comes to keeping a hygienic, healthy home. This makes us wonder—why are ducts commonly overlooked? Ductwork is often hidden behind ceilings and walls, which makes it difficult to diagnose dirty or faulty systems. A proper air filtration system keeps your family healthy and happy all year round. Find out how to tell if your ducts need cleaning, sealing, or testing. Regular Duct Cleaning To understand if you need to inspect for clean air ducts, it is helpful to know what causes ducts to become dirty in the first place. Clothing, shoe […]Read more

Save Energy this Summer with These Helpful Tips

save energy summer
It is hot, hot, hot! Beating the heat is not always easy during these long, sweltering days, especially if you do not own an air conditioner! Learn how to save energy this summer with these helpful tips brought to you by Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Break Showering habits One way to save energy this summer is to take cooler, shorter showers. Turning down the temperature of your hot water tank will reduce energy needed to heat the water, limiting hot water usage and helping you save on your energy bill. Another way to save on water heating costs is […]Read more

Seizing Sleep in the Summertime

sleep in the summertime
The dog days of summer are among us and with them come troubled nights of restless sleep. Whether it is too bright, too humid, too loud, or just plain hot, we have a few suggestions and products that can help you sleep soundly through the night. Read our latest blog to learn how you can seize back some sleep in the summertime! Allergies Abundant amounts of pollen and pet dander in the air during this time of year can make sleeping problematic. One study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that Allergic Rhinitis (allergies) affects sleep dramatically. Moreover, lack […]Read more

Regular HVAC Maintenance Keeps You Cool all Summer Long

regular hvac maintenance
In many ways, HVAC maintenance is comparable to car maintenance. They both fail to magically take care of themselves. Ongoing oil changes are an inevitable part of vehicle ownership, just like HVAC maintenance is to home ownership. Learn how to keep a well-oiled home comfort system by understanding the most common problems that can occur when you fail to undergo regular HVAC maintenance in our latest blog! The best way to prepare your home comfort system for the summer ahead is to understand the most common issues that often arise. Poor Circulation Balanced circulation is paramount to maintaining a comfortable […]Read more

How to Know if it is Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

replace your air conditioner
Most people can look forward to a hot summer day spent in the sun. Especially when they have the comfort of knowing their head will hit a perfectly cool pillow at night. How do you really know when it is time to replace your air conditioner? With a Seattle summer quickly approaching, it is the perfect time to check up on your HVAC system. Is it time for an air conditioner replacement?  Read on to discover how to determine if you should repair or replace your air conditioner. Age One of the easiest and most influential factors to consider is […]Read more