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Like everyone else, you want to keep your home comfortable for yourself and your family throughout the entire year. As any homeowner knows, of course, this can sometimes be trickier than it sounds. In order to live as comfortably as possible in your home, contact the experts at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning for quality air conditioning, heating and water heater service in Sammamish, WA.


It gets very cold here during the winter months, and the only way to protect your comfort with confidence is with a great heating system. Of course, to get the best performance that your system has to offer, you must schedule professional heating system service in Sammamish, WA. That is why you should call a member of our Sammamish heating service team to do so.

Regardless of how you choose to heat your home, you must work with a skilled, professional Sammamish heating technician for each and every service you need. From heating installation to replacement and routine maintenance, we are the company to count on. Call today to discuss your heating systems service in Sammamish, WA.


When you buy a brand new heater, you should invest in the best system you can afford on your budget. Equally important, though, is the quality of your heating installation in Sammamish, WA. Do not take any risks by scheduling your heating installation with an unqualified party.

There is a lot more to a successful heating installation than you may realize. It is important to ensure that your heater is the right size for your home. You must also know that they system is properly designed to serve your home efficiently and reliably. This is only possible by scheduling a professional heating installation in Sammamish, WA with a heating technician you can trust.


When you hear your furnace, heat pump or any other heating equipment making strange sounds, or if cold spots creep up throughout your home, give us a call right away. This can be indicative of some pretty major problems. Never put off any necessary furnace repair in Sammamish, WA.

Waiting for a furnace to break down entirely is never the right way to handle your heating system needs. As soon as your furnace exhibits any signs of distress, let us know. We’ll ensure that it is backed up and running properly so that you can get the most reliable performance possible. Schedule your furnace repair service in Sammamish, WA right away.


Are you thinking of investing in a new gas furnace? If so, you’ve made a wise choice. With a gas furnace in Sammamish, WA you can heat your home effectively and efficiently. Just make sure that you schedule your gas furnace installation, repair and maintenance with a qualified Sammamish, WA furnace professional.

If you do not have access to natural gas in your home, don’t fret. An electric furnace in Sammamish, WA is another great heating option. Electricity may cost more to purchase, but with the efficiency of modern electric heaters you can compete with many gas models available. Call for more details.


Are you interested in heating and cooling your home with just one efficient system? Look no further than a heat pump in Sammamish, WA! These innovative systems have been around for a while, but they have really started to gain traction lately.

The benefits of heat pumps in Sammamish, WA are many. They work just like an AC to cool your home during the summer months. However, they can also absorb ambient heat from the air in the summer in order to cool your home back down. This requires only a small amount of electricity, allowing you to keep comfortable without breaking the bank.

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Amazing service, very professional!


Warm, sunny summer days are always a welcome change after the cold, damp winter weather. However, they can also bring some pretty oppressive heat along. Make sure that your air conditioning system is able to keep you cool throughout the worst of it. Schedule your air conditioning service in Sammamish, WA with a professional AC technician on our team.

There are many issues you may encounter with your air conditioner. Allowing a trained, experienced Sammamish air conditioning technician to handle your air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services is the best way to keep such issues to a minimum. When you let us handle your air conditioning service in Sammamish, WA, you can count on exceptional results.


You don’t want to waste money on a great air conditioning system that still doesn’t satisfy your expectations. If you do not schedule your air conditioning installation in Sammamish, WA with a technician you can trust, though, this is the risk you run. When you hire us, you’ll never have to worry about such problems.

We will guarantee that your air conditioner is the right size for your home, and that the system is designed to satisfy your every need. Never underestimate the importance of an exceptional air conditioning installation in Sammamish, WA. Call us today to schedule service.


No air conditioner is completely reliable 100% of the time. You can keep it as close to being so as possible, though, by scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance in Sammamish, WA. Call now and get the maintenance your AC needs to succeed.

Wear and tear can affect your air conditioner in a number of different ways. You may find that your system is not as reliable as usual, or that it costs more and more to operate. With professional air conditioning maintenance in Sammamish, WA, though, you can enjoy the outstanding performance you deserve from your system.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy an air conditioner and never have to worry about its performance? Well, that is just not possible. There is no perfect air conditioner. The best you can hope to do is to schedule your air conditioning repair service in Sammamish, WA as soon as trouble surfaces. This will help prevent very serious problems from developing.

As you continue to force a compromised air conditioning system to operate, it is only going to suffer more and more problems. This means that the longer you wait, the more complex these problems are likely to be. Keep your AC out of harm’s way and schedule your air conditioning repair service in Sammamish, WA at the first sign of trouble.


You will have to replace your air conditioning system at some point. It is a simple fact that no mechanical system will last forever. When that time comes, we are the company you can count on for a truly outstanding air conditioning replacement in Sammamish, WA.

Replacing your air conditioning system is a big project, and one you should take care to ensure is a complete success. This means working with a professional Sammamish, WA air conditioning replacement technician. Let us help you find the right make and model for your home and personal needs.


Never believe that temperature is the only factor in determining your overall comfort within your home. In fact, the quality of the air that you breathe is equally important, if not more so. Do not allow poor indoor air quality in Sammamish, WA to put your comfort or health in peril.

There are so many problems that may affect the quality of the air that you breathe that it is necessary to work with a knowledgeable professional to ensure you get the right solutions for your home. Do not treat the symptoms: take control of the quality of the air within your home. Our Sammamish, WA indoor air quality specialists can help you to do so.


For the most part, homeowners don’t really give their air ducts much thought. After all, they serve only one purpose and are completely hidden from view. Just because air is blowing from your vents, though, does not mean that they are in good condition. You may need to schedule professional duct cleaning in Sammamish, WA, even if you don’t realize it at first.

Contaminants in your air ducts can swiftly spread throughout your entire home. These pollutants can also wreak havoc on the components of your heating and air conditioning system. With professional duct cleaning in Sammamish, WA, you can protect your comfort and the condition of your HVAC equipment, so call if you think your ducts could use a cleaning.


Are airborne pollutants leaving you all choked up? We can help. All you have to do is give us a call and speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians about the different air filtration systems in Sammamish, WA available to you. We’ll help you find the right one.

Because there are different options available, it is important that you get the air filtration system in Sammamish, WA best suited to your home and air filtration needs. Whether you need a new air filter or you want an electronic air purifier, we’ll make sure you wind up with the equipment you need to breathe cleaner, healthier air in your home.


Don’t let leaking ducts waste energy in your home. Keep the air that you’ve paid to heat and cool on the right track. With professional duct sealing in Sammamish, WA, we can help you to do just that. Call today if you think your air ducts may require sealing.

Leaking air ducts not only drive up heating and cooling costs, but can also lead to reduced air quality. This is because holes and loose connections in your ductwork can allow pollutants to enter the system. Only with quality duct sealing in Sammamish, WA can you avoid such problems confidently.


When you think about how much you depend on the hot water available in your home, it should be fairly obvious just how vital a great water heater in Sammamish, WA really is. A great water heater alone is not enough, though. You must also ensure that your water heater services are top notch.

We offer exceptional water heater installation, repair and maintenance services throughout the Sammamish, WA area. You can always count on our team to ensure that your water heater is ready for action whenever you may need it. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding water heaters in Sammamish, WA.


Make sure that your water heater gets off to a great start. Schedule your installation with a qualified Sammamish, WA water heater installation professional to ensure that it is as effective and reliable as possible. Give us a call to learn more about our water heater installation service in Sammamish, WA.

We offer a great selection of water heaters for installation, and we’ll ensure that your water heater is the right make and model for your needs. Call with any questions you may have. When it comes to water heater installation in Sammamish, WA, you can rely on us for quality service.


You want to continue getting the best performance possible from your water heater, right? That is why you must schedule routine water heater maintenance in Sammamish, WA. Do not let your water heater slip into disrepair.

You have to expect a certain amount of wear and tear to build up with your water heater. This wear and tear does not need to lead to serious operational problems, but will if left unaddressed. Schedule your water heater maintenance in Sammamish, WA with us to ensure your system is in great working condition.


The worst thing you can do when problems develop with your water heater is to ignore them. Call and schedule prompt water heater repair service in Sammamish, WA at the first sign of trouble. This will help you to keep your repair needs to a minimum.

The only person qualified to handle your water repair in Sammamish, WA is a skilled, trained professional. Those are easy to find when you know where to look. Contact us, speak with a Sammamish, WA water heater repair expert, and rest assured in knowing that your water heater repair is completed properly.


Is your water heater no longer able to service your home efficiently? Are you sick of running out of hot water before your shower is over? Give us a call. With the right water heater replacement in Sammamish, WA, you can enjoy the outstanding hot water service you deserve.

You can’t trust just anyone to complete your water heater replacement in Sammamish, WA. Fortunately, the experts at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning are not “just anyone.” Let us help you find the right water heater replacement for your needs.

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