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No homeowner should have to struggle through an uncomfortable heating or cooling season, let alone a shower that goes cold. You won’t have to when you work with Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Just give us a call for outstanding heating, air conditioning and water heater services in Kent, WA. We have everything you need to make your home a more comfortable place to be.

Call the Kent, WA heating and air conditioning specialists at Bob’s today for professional heating and cooling repair and service.


A good heating system is a must if you want to make it through the coldest nights of the year in complete comfort. Fortunately, when you work with Bob’s you can expect quality heating system service in Kent, WA. Call today to schedule an appointment with a member of our heating systems team.

There is no denying that the winter months can get pretty cold around here. That is exactly why a quality heating system is such an important priority. Let us handle your heating system service in Kent, WA, and rest assured in knowing that your furnace will be there for you when you need it most.


One of the most important heating services that you’ll ever have to schedule is your furnace installation in Kent, WA. Only when the installation of your furnace is completed by a professional Kent, WA heating installation specialist can you hope to get the best performance possible from your equipment. Don’t put your comfort in jeopardy this winter.

We carry a great selection of residential heating systems, and we are happy to complete your furnace installation service in Kent, WA with the skill and expertise that you deserve. Call our heating system installation specialists today to get started. No matter how you choose to heat your home, you can always count on us.


No furnace is 100% reliable. While investing in a great furnace is certainly advisable, you must still bear in mind that you will eventually have to schedule professional heating repair service in Kent, WA. When you do, we are the heating system service company in Kent, WA to trust with the service.

Any number of problems can develop with your home heating system. Fortunately, our Kent, WA furnace repair technicians can handle them all. Whether your furnace is costing more and more to operate or you just want to have a strange sound investigated, our team has the tools and training they need to get to the bottom of the situation. Call now if you think you need professional heating repair service in Kent, WA.


It is no big surprise, really, that gas furnaces in Kent, WA are so popular. After all, these systems are really tried and true. For an efficient, reliable and effective heating performance, it can be difficult to beat a good gas furnace.

Of course, not every home has access to natural gas. This is nothing to fret over, though. With the right electric furnace in Kent, WA, you can still enjoy all the benefits that a quality furnace has to offer. Let us know if you think that an electric furnace is the right choice for your home.

You guys were awesome! — Ryan L., Kent, WA★★★★★

Bob’s employees were nice and cleaned up after themselves. I enjoyed their pleasant attitudes and good explanation of our new system. Thank you Peter and Aaron, you guys were awesome!


Why not use one efficient, reliable system in order to both heat and cool your home? With a heat pump in Kent, WA, you can do just that. Stop paying too much money to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

Heat pumps work by transferring heat into or out of your home. This means that in the summer they act just like regular air conditioners. During the winter months, though, your heat pump reverses its operation in order to transfer heat from the air outside back in. This is a great benefit, making heat pumps in Kent, WA a great option for year round comfort.


You need to know that your home will be cool and comfortable on even the hottest days of summer. This can only be certain if you schedule your air conditioning service in Kent, WA with a trained professional. Those are the only types of AC technicians that you’ll find around here.

Make sure you let us handle each and every air conditioning service in Kent, WA that you may need. Only then can you hope to truly get the most out of your system. Contact our Kent, WA air conditioning specialists today if your AC is in need of any service at all.


There is no AC service more integral to getting your system off to a great start than your air conditioning installation. If your installation is a wash, you really can’t hope to get a great performance from your air conditioning system. Our Kent, WA air conditioning installation team will make sure that this is not the case.

Everyone wants their air conditioner to operate as efficiently and reliably as possible. There is only one way that you can ensure that this is the case. When you are ready to schedule your air conditioning installation in Kent, WA, you need to turn to the pros.


Your air conditioner works hard for you throughout the hottest time of the year, and all of that hard work comes with a price. If you think about it, you must expect some wear and tear to accrue over the course of the season. Routine air conditioning maintenance in Kent, WA is your best bet if you want to resolve any issues with your AC before the trouble begins.

Let a member of our team handle your air conditioning maintenance in Kent, WA so that you can make it through the cooling season in comfort. Don’t sweat it when all you have to do is give us a call. Keep your energy costs down, along with the temperature, by scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance today.


It would be great if your air conditioner never faltered in its performance, but that is not very realistic. At some point you are going to have to schedule professional air conditioning repair service in Kent, WA. When you do, you can count on our air conditioning repair technicians to get the job done right.

Only a professional air conditioning technician can be trusted to handle your air conditioning repair in Kent, WA properly. Don’t take any risks with something as important as your AC. Instead, let the experts on our outstanding staff handle your air conditioning repair with the attention to detail the job needs.


Replacing your air conditioning system is a major investment. You need to know that you have the right AC for your needs and that that AC will function at peak performance and efficiency levels. That is why you need professional replacement services from the experienced Kent, WA air conditioning replacement pros at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning.

In order to have faith in your new air conditioner, schedule your air conditioning replacement service in Kent, WA with Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We want to ensure that your system gives you the performance you deserve. With our experience and extensive training, there’ll be no doubt about it.


We find that many people think temperature is the only factor in maintaining comfort. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, the quality of the air in your home is every bit as important. Let us know if you have any concerns about your indoor air quality in Kent, WA.

Not just anyone can help ensure that you have the best air quality possible in your home. Our Kent, WA indoor air quality specialists certainly can, though. When you work with use, your indoor air quality in Kent, WA will bounce back to make your home a cleaner, healthier living environment.


Do you know what is travelling through your ductwork? Ideally, it will be nothing but clean, pure air. However, this simply may not be the case. If not properly maintained, your ductwork can play a major role in dragging down your indoor air quality. Professional air duct cleaning in Kent, WA may be necessary to resolve the problem.

Don’t let airborne pollutants hijack your indoor air quality. Instead, let us complete a thorough air duct cleaning in Kent, WA. That way you can live in a cleaner, healthier environment. Contact our Kent, WA air duct cleaning specialists today to learn more.


Only when you enjoy high indoor air quality can you live in total comfort. This requires the removal, quite often, of airborne pollutants that may be coursing throughout your home. With the right air filtration system in Kent, WA, you can eliminate the problems that can stem from this issue.

There are a lot of different ways in which your indoor air quality can be compromised. It is important that you target the right problems when they arise. Only a qualified professional can ensure that your air filtration system in Kent, WA is able to handle the issue effectively.


Duct sealing in Kent, WA is one of the most important services that many homeowners very often overlook. The problem in doing so is that compromised air ducts can lead to air quality problems and substantial energy loss. Why not let us seal your ductwork so that you can have confidence in the job that they do?

Leaky ductwork can be tough to diagnose, let alone treat properly. Only a professional HVAC technician has the tools and knowledge necessary to complete your duct sealing in Kent, WA properly. Give us a call if you notice a drop in the quality of air in your home or if your AC and heater seem to struggle.


There are a lot of appliances in your home that you depend on, but few command as much respect as your water heater in Kent, WA. This device makes your home life more enjoyable in many ways. Don’t you think that you should do everything that you can to ensure its successful operation?

We do too, and it is easier than you may have thought. You need only call the Kent, WA water heater technicians at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning to keep your water heater operating properly. From the installation of your water heater to its repair and maintenance service needs, we do it all. Call now to schedule professional water heater service in Kent, WA.


Installing a water heater requires much more skill than just the ability to connect some pipes together. The only way that you can expect your water heater to operate as well as possible is to schedule your water heater installation in Kent, WA with a skilled technician. We have plenty of those, so give us a call now.

Washing your dishes and taking showers in cold water is neither effectual nor particularly pleasant. Skip over these issues entirely by letting one of our pros handle your water heater installation in Kent, WA. We have what it takes to get you the great water heating performance you want.


You can’t expect your water heater to continue operating perfectly if you do not schedule routine water heater maintenance in Kent, WA. This is the only way to help your system work as reliably and efficiently as it can. Nothing else even comes close.

Your water heater gets a lot of use, and it is up to you to ensure that it can handle the strain you put on it. All you have to do is make a phone call, though, so there is really no excuse not to. Contact us if you are ready for professional water heater maintenance in Kent, WA.


Don’t think for a second that a problem with your water heater is too “minor” to deal with right away. In truth, any issues with your water heater can lead to serious consequences if given the chance. Immediate water heater repair service in Kent, WA is always the best response.

The big challenge with water heater repairs is the fact that you may not notice a problem at first. Any irregularities you discover may be signs of a problem that has been developing for some time. That is why it is in your best interest to alert a professional like the Kent, WA water heater repair specialists at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning to the symptoms ASAP.


There are a lot of fun things out there to spend your money on, and we’re betting that a new water heater is not right at the top of that list. However, you must realize that a new water heater will be necessary eventually. When the time comes for water heater replacement service in Kent, WA, we are only a phone call away.

Let us handle your water heater replacement in Kent, WA so that you can enjoy the best your new system has to offer. We think you deserve a great water heating output, and that is what we aim to provide. Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning is the local company to call for outstanding air conditioning, heating and water heater services throughout the area.

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