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At Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe that our customers deserve to live comfortably throughout the entire year. That is why we offer such a comprehensive selection of air conditioning, heating and water heater services in Kirkland, WA. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your furnace is installed properly, your AC maintenance is meticulous, and that your water heater repairs are top notch. Contact us today to learn more about the heating and cooling services we offer throughout Kirkland, WA.


Winters are quite beautiful around here, but they can also be quite uncomfortable. You need to know that your furnace will be there for you whenever you need it so that you can make it through winter comfortably. With the heating system service in Kirkland, WA offered by the professional staff of Bob’s Heating, this is no problem.

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get a consistent, reliable and effective performance from your heating system. From heating installation and replacement to routine maintenance and unexpected heating repairs, our Kirkland, WA heating technicians do it all. When it comes to heating system service in Kirkland, WA, there is no time to waste. Contact us today for more information.


If you invest in a sub par heating system then you can expect nothing more than a sub par performance from your furnace. Even so, it is possible to get a lousy performance from your furnace even if it is of the highest quality. That is because your furnace installation in Kirkland, WA is just as important to the performance of your furnace as the quality of the system itself.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when it comes to furnace installation. Make sure that your furnace is the right size for your home and that you choose the right fuel source for your preferences. We can help, so remember to contact us if you are thinking about a new furnace installation in Kirkland, WA.


A furnace break down is not a situation that anyone wants to deal with, especially not in the middle of a cold winter night. Unfortunately, you can count on your furnace suffering some operational problems eventually. When it does, you must schedule professional furnace repair service in Kirkland, WA as soon as possible.

You should never wait for your furnace to break down completely before scheduling professional furnace repair service in Kirkland, WA. The best way to handle any furnace repair needs is to contact a repairman at the first sign of trouble. If you notice a spike in heating costs, your furnace is not heating your home evenly, or it makes strange and unusual sounds, then it’s time to bring in a qualified Kirkland furnace repair technician.


For effective, efficient comfort during the heating season, a quality gas furnace in Kirkland, WA can be pretty hard to beat. The gas furnace is one of the most popular of all heating methods, which really comes as no surprise. You never have to worry about running out of fuel, and they are known to be quire reliable.

Of course, not all homes have access to or the piping require for natural gas. This is no problem. Today’s electric furnaces have become so efficient that they can rival even many gas models. If you think that an electric furnace in Kirkland, WA is the right option for your home, contact us for more details.

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I am 96 years young living in Kirkland for 75 years and knew of Bob’s business when the doors were open in 1957. All Bob’s workers are always polite and respectful!


Are you thinking of ways in which to make your home more efficient without sacrificing an iota of comfort? Then a heat pump in Kirkland, WA may be what you’re after. Thanks to their unique design, heat pumps are able to both heat and cool your home with the convenience of a single, efficient system.

When it is hot out your heat pump simply removes heat from the air before recirculating it throughout your home, just like an AC. However, in the winter these devices absorb ambient heat from the air outside in order to warm your home. Pretty nifty, eh? Contact us today to learn more about the many benefits of using heat pumps in Kirkland, WA.


Why suffer through hot, humid weather this summer? We may not be able to call of the hot, sticky months, but we can certainly help to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout this trying season. Call to discuss our exceptional air conditioning service in Kirkland, WA to learn more.

A new air conditioning installation is a great way to protect your comfort throughout the cooling season. Of course, air conditioners require routine maintenance and occasional AC repairs to operate properly. Regardless of what air conditioning service you may need, you can count on our Kirkland air conditioning technicians to do the job right.


If you choose not to schedule your air conditioning installation in Kirkland, WA with a skilled, qualified professional, there is really no way that you can hope for your AC to function properly. Call a member of our Kirkland air conditioning installation team to ensure that your AC is installed correctly for maximum performance levels. We are always available to help.

When your air conditioner is installed by a qualified Kirkland air conditioning installation technician, you can count on a reliable, effective performance. It will be properly sized for your home, and any ductwork will be expertly designed and installed. If you really want to be the heat this summer, then a professional air conditioning installation is your only option.


It would be great to find an air conditioner that always operates with 100% reliability. Of course, here in the real world, this is just not possible. That is why the services of a Kirkland, WA air conditioning maintenance expert are so important. We can help to keep your air conditioner up and running at full steam.

Not only does professional air conditioning maintenance in Kirkland, WA keep your system reliable, but it can also help to keep your cooling costs down. When your air conditioner is in great shape, it will operate more efficiently and use less energy to cool your home. This means that you can keep cool while also keeping some money in the bank.


Yes, you are going to have to schedule professional air conditioning repair service in Kirkland, WA at some point. We’ll get that out of the way right off the bat. And yes, even the best air conditioning systems out there will suffer some operational problems from time to time. There is no way to avoid it.

You can, however, avoid many serious damages to your AC by scheduling your air conditioning repair as soon as you notice a problem with your system. No irregularity is too minor to contact a professional Kirkland air conditioning repair technician about. The longer you wait to schedule AC repair service, the more likely it becomes that your system will be seriously compromised.


At some point, your air conditioning system is no longer going to be worth the cost of repairs. It may also suffer irrevocable damages. Whatever your reasoning, it is necessary that you contact a highly skilled, extensively trained expert for professional air conditioning replacement in Kirkland, WA. Take no chances with the quality of your AC replacement.

There are a lot of options when it comes to your new AC system, so make sure that you familiarize yourself with what’s out there. We are happy to help. No matter how you choose to cool your home, our Kirkland, WA air conditioning replacement technicians will ensure that your AC replacement services is completed with absolute care.


If you want to be truly comfortable in your home, you need more than quality temperature regulation. You must also ensure that your air quality is as high as can be. Without exceptional indoor air quality in Kirkland, WA, you can never truly be exceptionally comfortable.

There are many different problems you may experience with the indoor air quality in your home. Make sure that your IAQ system is able to handle them all. Contact us today to ensure that you and your family enjoy the outstanding indoor air quality in Kirkland, WA that you deserve.


One great way to improve indoor air quality is with professional air duct cleaning in Kirkland, WA. If you have a lot of pollutants building up in your air ducts, your ductwork can then circulate those pollutants throughout your entire home. This means that your whole house can be contaminated by the ductwork which is supposed to keep it comfortable.

Professional air duct cleaning in Kirkland, WA is not always necessary in every home. However, if upon inspection your air ducts are found to contain large quantities of dust, dirt and other pollutants, it is a good idea to schedule duct cleaning with a pro. Only then can you have confidence in the quality of the air that you breathe.


Another great way to boost indoor air quality is with an air filtration system in Kirkland, WA. There are a few different styles of air filtration systems to choose from, so make sure that you get the right one for your home. Schedule service with an IAQ specialist on our team to do so.

Some air filters simply trap pollutants on a filtering material as air passes through. Others use static electricity to charge particles, causing them to adhere to collection plates. Our technicians will make sure that you get the air filtration system in Kirkland, WA best suited to cleaning up the air in your home.


If you use a furnace, central air conditioning system, or any other HVAC equipment relying on a forced air distribution system to spread comfort throughout your home, then the condition of your air ducts is paramount. Make sure that your ductwork is in outstanding shape so that you can heat and cool your home effectively and efficiently. To do so, duct sealing in Kirkland, WA may be necessary.

You cannot hope to seal your ductwork effectively on your own. Any tears, leaks or poor connections must be addressed and resolved by a trained professional. When you hire a Kirkland, WA duct sealing pro on our staff to complete your service, you can count on a great performance from your ductwork.


Pretty much every home depends on a water heater. Think of all the tasks you must complete each day which require reliable hot water service. From washing the dishes to doing your laundry and showering, you have your water heater to thank.

Whatever water heater services you may need, we are the Kirkland, WA water heater service professionals to call. From water heater installation to emergency repairs and routine maintenance, we have the training and tools to get the job done right. When it comes to water heaters in Kirkland, WA, we are the experts to rely on.


A great water heater alone is not enough to ensure a great performance from your water heater. You must also schedule your water heater installation in Kirkland, WA with a qualified professional. This is the only way to get the most from any water heater.

During the installation process, our Kirkland water heater installation technicians will take every measure to guarantee that your water heater will operate effectively and reliably. Call today to learn more. You cannot afford to take any chances with a service as important as a water heater installation.


No water heater will continue to operate at peak performance levels if you fail to schedule professional water heater maintenance in Kirkland, WA. Such systems suffer from some general wear and tear over time. This means that they must be regularly inspected and tuned up to continue operating properly.

While water heater maintenance in Kirkland, WA is necessary to keep your system as reliable as possible, it can also help you to save some money. When your system is in great condition, you can expect a more efficient performance from it. The less energy that your system must use to keep your hot water flowing, the less it costs to operate.


When your water heater encounters any operational problems, you must contact us for professional service right away. The longer you wait to schedule your water heater repair service in Kirkland, WA, the greater the risk to your system. Don’t let minor issues spiral out of control.

There are a lot of problems you may encounter with your water heater, but there are also a lot of warning signs that can tip you off to the fact that repairs are necessary. Unreliable or insufficient hot water, as well as increased hot water costs, are among the most common. Give us a call to ensure that your water heater repair in Kirkland, WA is completed promptly.


When the time comes to replace your old water heater, let us know. The pros at Bob’s Heating will help you find the perfect water heater replacement for your needs and preferences. No matter what make or model you decide on, we’ll also install it with exceptional care.

A new water heater is a great way to make your home a more comfortable, convenient place to live. Don’t wait for your water heater to completely give out before scheduling your water heater replacement service in Kirkland, WA. Contact us if you have any reason to think it may be time to upgrade your system.

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