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Quick and Simple Furnace Filter Replacement

Breathe easy with furnace filter replacement that you don't have to worry about. Take the guesswork out of changing your furnace filter with tips that make it easy to remember when and how to change it. Furnace replacement filters help keep your furnace running efficiently and your indoor air quality at optimum. Here’s what you need to know:

When Do I Change My Furnace Filter?

We recommend changing 2” and 4” filters every 90 days, and standard 1” filters every 30 days. Bob’s Heating makes it easy to remember when it’s time to change your filter with our Filter Replacement Programs, because we’ll send a filter to your door every 90 days. All you need to do is input your filter information once, and then choose whether you’d like the 1-year or 3-year program. Then you can sit back and forget about furnace filters until the next replacement arrives at your door!

Which Filter Do I Buy, and Where?

While you can purchase standard 1” filters at home improvement stores or at, Bob’s Heating recommends and uses 4” filters on all furnaces we install. We find the 4” pleated filter helps promote better indoor air quality and better system efficiency and overall function. These are the exact filters we send to you in our Filter Replacement Programs.

Need just one filter? When you buy replacement filters from Bob’s Heating online, you save on shipping. This isn’t just for furnace filters—free shipping applies to all of our online products.

How Do I Replace My Furnace Filter?

Watch our video for practical tips on shopping for an installing your new furnace filter, or follow these 8 quick steps for replacement.

8 Quick Steps for Filter Replacement

Step 1: Turn off heating system at the thermostat

Step 2: Locate your filter grille

Step 3: Unlatch and lower the screen down gently

Step 4: Slide the old filter out and carefully bring down

Step 5: Place the new filter in, making sure the air flow direction is symbol on the filter is pointing
upward toward the attic or return air

Step 6: Slide new filter into place and secure

Step 7: Close filter grille

Step 8: Turn on the system at the thermostat

Need more tips? This video shows additional tips locating and replacing furnace filters. If your furnace uses reusable filters, Consumer Reports offers suggestions on removing and cleaning them.