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Ultra Violet Light Replacement Bulbs

Ultra Violet Light Replacement Bulbs

The UV Light is the perfect addition to today’s tightly constructed, highly energy efficient homes. These homes are built to seal in heated or cooled air for maximum economy. Unfortunately, they also do a great job of trapping mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust and other irritants.

Airborne irritants are simply a fact of life. Molds can cause flareups of allergy symptoms, and in some cases, trigger asthma attacks. Bacteria, viruses and germs also can reside in the air you breathe every day. These airborne pollutants can effect your home comfort equipment, too. Allowed to circulate through your home and your system, these and other particles can build up on the indoor coil, inhibiting airflow and reducing heating and cooling efficiency.

To help combat these issues and leave your home with cleaner, fresher air, we recommend replacing your UV Light Bulbs every year.

Germicidal UV Bulbs
$167.00 – $192.00

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