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Earthquake Emergency Gas Shut Off Valve

Earthquake Emergency Gas Shut Off Valve

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When you live somewhere prone to earthquakes like the Greater Seattle, WA and Tacoma Metropolitan area, it is important to take precautions that other home owners may not consider. One of those precautions is an earthquake emergency shutoff valve – a last line of defense that will immediately shutoff access to your natural gas supply when seismic activity is detected.

Valves on your gas lines are incredibly important and an earthquake emergency shutoff valve should be used in conjunction with an excess valve – a separate valve that will detect when excess gas is being released into your lines due to a leak.

Because a gas system is so volatile and potentially dangerous, it is important to have expert, professional help in installation. For that help, Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning can provide the peace of mind you need to know your home will survive even the largest of earthquakes.

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