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Winterize Your Home in 5 Simple Steps

winterize your home

First the rain hits, then the snow falls. Is your home prepared for the cold weather ahead? If you haven’t already, now is the time to winterize your home. Discover how to make sure your home is ready for winter in just five simple steps!

1. Turn Off the Air Conditioning Unit

While HVAC units, such as your air conditioner, are designed to exist outside, it is still necessary to consider the potential damage that could result during a storm. The first step to take to winterize your home is to shut off the air conditioning unit. Shutting off the circuit ensures the unit does not accidentally switch on in the dead of winter. If you forget this easy, but important step, the air conditioner could accidentally flip on, which could cause damage to your compressor. If the coils freeze, further damage to your HVAC unit could be done. Better safe, than sorry! Unplug your unit to be sure your home is one step closer to being ready for the winter snowfall.

2. Perimeter Check

Next, it is a good idea to set aside some time to inspect the air conditioner. Clean the unit with a wet rag, and be sure to dry it thoroughly once washed. Also, make sure leaves, sticks, and debris are removed from the unit and surrounding area. The holidays are all about welcoming and celebrating others, but avoid making the air conditioning unit an appealing resting place for unwanted house guests and critters who may be in search of a safe, dry home for winter. For extra protection, use an air conditioner cover to keep it sealed up all winter!

3. Replace the Furnace Air Filter

After checking out the air conditioner, consider evaluating the star of winter, the furnace. Have you replaced the air filter yet? We recommend regularly changing the furnace filter every 1-3 months depending on filter size. A dirty filter can hinder the efficiency of the furnace, pose a safety threat, and potentially result in furnace failure if neglected over time. Enroll in our Filter Replacement Program to automatically receive a new filter every 90 days as a reminder to change the filter. Eliminate the guesswork.

4. Wrap Exposed Pipes

As you take all the necessary steps to winterize your home, we recommend adding insulation to exposed pipes. Foam pipe covers can be purchased at virtually any home improvement store and prevent costly freezing and bursting of important pipes. Simply slip the covers over vulnerable pipes and tape them together with duct tape. This insulation helps protect pipes against freezing and cracking.

5. Schedule a Furnace Tune-up

The most important step of winterizing your home is to schedule a furnace tune-up. A tune-up from Bob’s Heating can help identify how much life your furnace has left. It can also assist your family with budgeting for that inevitable furnace replacement down the road. We make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible. We also offer annual Guardian Maintenance Plans that include repairs and regular HVAC maintenance that is carried out by our experienced and well-educated technicians. Leave it to our team to diagnose and repair your furnace before winter is here.


Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning installs and inspects furnaces to help ensure your home is winterized. We offer furnace repair and maintenances by expert technicians who are dedicated to providing only the best service. Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning also proudly partners with organizations focused on sustainability and innovation, including Built Green, Energy Star, and Puget Sound Energy. Call us at (800)840-3346 or contact us online to schedule your furnace tune-up.