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How to Successfully Combat Seasonal Allergies in the PNW

how to combat seasonal allergies in the pnwIt will be here before you know it. Soft, fluffy particles will roam the air. They are deceivingly delicate, yet dangerous and outright aggravating to allergy sufferers everywhere. Whether it is birch, oak, grass, or ragweed pollen, it can wreak havoc on your immune and HVAC system, impairing day-to-day living. Are you prepared to combat seasonal allergies in the PNW this spring? Read on to learn how you can keep the pollen at bay!

Keep Windows Shut

Protect your home from unwarranted house guests by keeping windows shut. Believe it or not, pollen can infiltrate your home through open doors and windows. This is especially likely to happen when pollen counts are at their highest.

Dress Accordingly

Watery, red eyes are never a great look. That is why we recommend to dress accordingly during peak seasonal allergy season. Cover up those eyes with sunglasses. You can also wear a hat to keep the pollen off of your face. A fun sun hat could even become your new go-to accessory this season.


Seasonal allergies in the PNW are never fun, especially when it comes to long days spent outdoors. When in need, take antihistamines to combat seasonal allergies. Allergists recommend taking antihistamines before symptoms appear. However, antihistamines can be a great way to relieve symptoms of sneezing and itchiness, but fail to relieve nasal stuffiness. A nasal spray may also be needed if you suffer from this particular symptom.

Invest in an Air Scrubber Plus from Bob’s Heating

The issue of having to dodge allergies outdoors shouldn’t have to migrate indoors. Invest in one of our ultimate air purifiers, the Air Scrubber Plus. Designed by NASA, this revolutionary air purifying system eliminates mold, odors, and pollutants such as pollen, from your home’s air. Furthermore, the Air Scrubber Plus is 50 times more powerful than normal HVAC filtration. You can kiss indoor seasonal allergies in the PNW goodbye when you invest in your new best friend, the Air Scrubber Plus.

Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning Equips you with the Tools you need for Seasonal Allergies

Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers a wide selection of indoor air purifiers that will save you and your family during pesky allergy season. Forget suffering and pick up this home-improving item for your family today. Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning is a premier HVAC contractor that specializes in installing and maintaining furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, and more. Call us at (800)840-3346 or contact us online to schedule your spring maintenance appointment today.