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How to Improve Home Energy Efficiency in 5 Ways

bobs heating - home energy efficiency
Looking to cut down on your energy waste and bill? Start by making your home more energy-efficient. Learn how to save money and improve home energy efficiency in the following five ways! 1. Upgrade Insulation Upgrading the insulation of your home is a great, cost-effective way to reduce energy waste. Sometimes, significant amounts of heated and cooled air are lost due to poor or outdated insulation. Consider updating your attic’s insulation because it is usually the most accessible and affordable to replace. 2. Lower the Water Temperature Consider the parts of your home you do not often give much attention […]Read more

5 Characteristics to Look for Before Hiring an HVAC Technician

hvac technician | hvac technicians
If you are a homeowner, you will inevitably need to hire an HVAC technician at some point in time. They are an essential part of ensuring home comfort levels are at their peak. Make sure you choose wisely, so that all maintenances and repairs are done correctly. Read on to learn five characteristics to look for before hiring an HVAC technician! Credentials The first qualification to take into account is credentials. Is your HVAC technician certified? Ask to see their credentials before any work starts. Forgetting this easy, but often missed step can be costly! All qualified HVAC technicians should […]Read more

How to Survive Allergy Season in the Pacific Northwest

indoor air purifiers - allergy season
Do you suffer from puffy, watery eyes? Is your throat constantly itchy? Do you disrupt your work flow with nonstop sneezing? How in the world do you survive this terrible allergy season in the Pacific Northwest? Of course allergy medications are usually the answer, but what about organic options? Read on to learn a few natural remedies to help you survive this harsh allergy season. Wear Glasses & a Hat When outdoors, avoid contact with pollen whenever possible. We recommend doing this by wearing clothing that covers your face such as hats and sunglasses. Do Not Dry Sheets Outdoors When […]Read more

Let’s Talk About Furnace Performance – How Did Yours Perform Last Winter?

furnace performance - energy bills
As we transition into a new season, it is easy to write off the last and look to the new. However, what would happen if you slow down to reflect? Have you considered checking your furnace performance from last winter? Learn how to inspect and gain a deeper understanding of how your system performed throughout the cold winter months. Step 1. Check Energy Bills The best way to understand how your furnace performed last winter is to compare energy bills with the previous winter. Are bills higher than usual? Make sure to take into account any unavoidable rate increases from […]Read more

Bob’s Spring Cleaning HVAC Maintenance Checklist

spring cleaning HVAC maintenance checklist
The cherry blossoms are blooming and the birds are chirping. This can only mean one thing; the first day of spring is here! Some argue it is the perfect season to turn over a new leaf. We however, believe it is the most opportune time to tackle Bob’s spring cleaning HVAC maintenance checklist! To ensure your home is ready for the heat ahead, read on to discover what you need to do to prepare your home for spring! 1. Replace Furnace & Air Conditioning Filters Filters are something that should be changed every 90 days. However, there are exceptions. If […]Read more

4 Health Benefits of Air Purifiers

health benefits of air purifiers
Homes provide safe havens. They are a place to relax and promote freedom of expression. However, what if we told you they are riddled with invasive airborne pollutants that are nearly invisible to the naked eye? This by no means suggests you are in immediate danger, but it does undoubtedly impact the way you and your family live. In fact, the air inside homes and businesses is more polluted than outside of them! This is often due to poor ventilation. Luckily, there is a simple path to clean indoor air—it all starts with purifying the air! Read on to discover […]Read more

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to a New Air Conditioner

BobsACGuide - new air conditioner
Did you regret not indulging in a new air conditioner last summer? With March almost here, you can save 20% on a new air conditioner unit from Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Discover how to shop for your new cooling appliance by following along in our Complete Buyer’s Guide to a New Air Conditioner! Size Selecting the right size new air conditioner is essential. If the unit is too small, it will not be able to properly cool your home. If the unit is too large, it will cycle on and off more frequently, which essentially wastes energy and inflates […]Read more

5 Mind-Blowing Hot Water Heater Facts Your Grandma Thinks You Should Know

Hot Water Heater Facts
If you are a homeowner, you are more than likely a proud owner of a hot water heater— congratulations! You may not know this, but there are some pretty great facts about hot water heaters that even your grandma thinks you should know! Read on to discover five hot water heater facts you did not know you needed to know! Hot Water Heater Fact #1 – History of Water Heaters The idea of a water heater relates back to a painter in London in 1868. Benjamin Waddy Maughan invented the first instantaneous domestic water heater named the geyser, after Icelandic […]Read more

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to a New Furnace Purchase

Complete Buyers Guide to a New Furnace Purchase
If you are reading this, you are likely in the market or shopping around for a new furnace. Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning wants to make sure you make an informed decision, which is why we wrote a complete buyer’s guide to a new furnace purchase! Read on to discover the difference between three common furnace features to help you select the best home comfort option for your family. Understanding Furnace Energy efficiency (AFUE) Something you will see regularly when shopping for a new furnace is the AFUE rating. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, and measures how efficient […]Read more

Excellent HVAC Technician Attributes We Look For In New Hires

Excellent HVAC Technician
Let us tell you, there is more to the job than being certified. While certification is mandatory at Bob’s Heating, an excellent HVAC technician typically has all of the following qualities and characteristics that we look for when bringing on someone new. Academically-Minded We understand a college degree is not necessary in order to become an HVAC technician, but we do believe in the importance of continuous education and training at our very own Bob’s University. To ensure our technicians and installers are at the forefront of HVAC technology and safety, we require weekly training meetings and bi-weekly safety meetings.  […]Read more

Crank Up the Heat this Holiday Season with a Smart Thermostat

smart thermostat - holiday season
With the unpredictable weather changes that Washington State brings, a home may experience various temperature adjustments throughout this winter season. Here at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer the best smart thermostat selections from the most respected brands available on the market today. Remain comfortable in your home. Get in control of the temperature by selecting a thermostat that best suits your needs. 1. Honeywell Lyric Round Model Smart Thermostat The Honeywell Lyric Round Model is unlike any of the other smart thermostats we carry. The Lyric uses smartphone location to automatically adjust the temperature as you come and go […]Read more

HVAC Tips & Helpful Reminders for the Holidays

HVAC tips for the holidays
It is already that time of year! Holiday parties are in full swing and the boozy eggnog is still a flowin’. Do you plan on hosting a holiday bash of your own this year? Let us provide you with some quick, fool-proof HVAC tips to help you survive this year’s holiday festivities! HVAC Tip #1 – Change Your Furnace Filter We hope your holiday party is “lit”, but perhaps not “too lit”.*Queues “Burning Down the House” by the Talking Heads*.  Did you know the number one cause of a furnace fire is a dirty furnace filter? Save yourself from embarrassment, […]Read more

3 Reasons to be Thankful for your HVAC System this Holiday Season

thankful for hvac system
The leaves have fallen; temperatures have dropped; now all that is missing is a little snow!—kidding. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and the word “thankful” is on everyone’s mind. What are you thankful for? Besides the obvious, there are three great reasons why you should be thankful for your HVAC system. Read further to find out all you have to be thankful for when it comes to your home comfort needs. 1. Warmth & Coziness in the Winter Maybe the most obvious reason to be thankful for your HVAC system this time of year is instant heat! Without a properly functioning […]Read more

Stranger Sounds – What Is Your HVAC System Telling You?

Stranger Sounds, HVAC System
Listen up! Your HVAC system may be trying to tell you something. Have you been hearing any strange sounds coming from your home lately? Listen to what your system has to say, especially when it comes to foreign bangs, rattles, and pops. The following are the most common HVAC sounds to listen for. Rattling Rattling or rumbling sounds can sometimes be heard in the upside down, but they can also come from your HVAC system.  This is likely a result of something stuck in the register. Sometimes small toys, pens, screws, nails, etc. fall into the register and jostle as […]Read more

Safety & Preparedness in Inclement Weather

storm safety
Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning wants to ensure your family is safe in the case the power goes out in your neighborhood due to inclement weather. We have put together some safety and preparedness tips to help get you through till the lights come back on! GAS & ELECTRIC FURNACES Did Your Home Lose Power? For your safety, immediately shut down your furnace using the power switch (looks like a light switch located on or very near your furnace) or by your breaker panel (look for the breaker marked for your furnace). Shutting off the power will eliminate the likelihood […]Read more