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5 Mind-Blowing Hot Water Heater Facts Your Grandma Thinks You Should Know

Hot Water Heater Facts

If you are a homeowner, you are more than likely a proud owner of a hot water heater— congratulations! You may not know this, but there are some pretty great facts about hot water heaters that even your grandma thinks you should know! Read on to discover five hot water heater facts you did not know you needed to know!

Hot Water Heater Fact #1 – History of Water Heaters

The idea of a water heater relates back to a painter in London in 1868. Benjamin Waddy Maughan invented the first instantaneous domestic water heater named the geyser, after Icelandic gushing hot springs. To this day, a hot water heater is sometimes still referred to as a geyser in the United Kingdom.

Hot Water Heater Fact #2 – Cold Water Sandwich

Have you ever heard of a “cold water sandwich”? As appetizing as it sounds, it is a term used to describe layers of hot and cold water in a home’s piping system. This happens when “off” and “on” water operations occur (loads of laundry or back-to-back showers). Bon appetite!

Hot Water Heater Fact #3 – Water Usage

Fun fact! About 25% of energy usage in a home comes from a water heater. Americans typically use between 80 and 120 gallons of hot water every day. Most of the water usage is used to perform tasks such as heating water for laundry, showers, washing dishes, and more.

Hot Water Heater Fact #4 – Iceland

Rather than requiring a hot water heater, Iceland meets their heating and hot water needs geothermally. Also, they are the world leader in harnessing hot water as a source of renewable energy from their 600+ hot spring areas. Additionally, Iceland is the only country that can claim to obtain 100% of its electricity and heat from renewable sources! Now that’s a powerful fact!

Hot Water Heater Fact #5 – The Lifespan of Your Hot Water Heater

Your hot water heater facts are drying up, but a’las here is one more! Did you know the average water heater has a lifespan anywhere from 10 to 13 years? However, tankless water heaters will last you significantly longer, between 18 to 20 years. Explore our inventory for the best hot water heater selection in the Pacific Northwest!

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