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Your Guardian Maintenance Plan

Eliminate extraneous worry in your life! How? By signing up for one of our Bob’s Guardian Maintenance plans. You won’t ever have to worry that your heating and cooling systems will fail, or that your water heater will go kaput, or that your air quality isn’t top-notch. When you’re a member of our Bob’s Guardian Maintenance Plan, your systems will operate better and become more reliable.

With certified technicians checking in on your systems annually, repairing any malfunctions, and performing preventative maintenance, your equipment will operate with increased efficiency, saving you money on utilities while better meeting your needs.

Membership Benefits

Here are the advantages of making a Bob’s Maintenance Agreement with Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning!

● Annual precision tune-ups on your equipment

● Annual safety inspections on your protected equipment.

● Reminders that your equipment is due for maintenance or inspection.

● Validated manufacturer warranties on your heating and air conditioning systems (you must have confirmation of annual maintenance for your warranty to remain viable).

● A 10% discount on all parts and labor.

● Guaranteed repairs for one full year.

● A 5% savings on all new equipment purchases.

● Preferred scheduling so you can make appointments that work with your schedule.

Sign Up For a Maintenance Plan

We offer a One-Year Plan, a Three-Year Plan, and a Five-Year Plan for the following equipment:

● Air Conditioners

● Make Up Air Systems

● Furnaces

● Heat Pumps & Ductless Heat Pumps

● Water Heaters & Tankless Water Heaters

When your systems are maintained you never have to guess whether or not they will work. From seasonal changes to differing weather demands, your equipment works hard throughout the year. And with regular maintenance, they will be ready for these times of increased use.

Check out pricing for our Bob’s Guardian Maintenance plan and sign up for a membership here! With Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning, your home’s systems will consistently run with high-quality performance!

For all of your preventative maintenance, annual repairs, and future installations, sign up for Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning’s Guardian Maintenance Plan by calling us at (425) 689-7778. As a member, you’ll get great deals and preferred service appointments!