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Mitsubishi Single Room Split Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

Indoor Unit
Outdoor Unit

When you are looking for an inexpensive and convenient alternative to central air and heating, you will definitely want to take a closer look at the various Mitsubishi single room systems that we offer here at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning.

Specially designed to provide year-round comfort in a small space, the single room heating and AC systems that we offer here are an excellent option for guest houses, extensions and small homes in the Greater Seattle, WA and Tacoma Metropolitan area. They are easy to install, affordable and quite durable. If you are not sure what your options are in terms of home heating and cooling, talk to one of our expert staff members today. We will be happy to help you find just the home comfort solution you are after.

The Setup

The Mitsubishi single room split system is comprised of two separate units. The outdoor unit houses the compressor and provides coolant to the indoor unit through refrigeration tubing. This type of connection is much less invasive to install than the ductwork that traditional central HVAC systems require, and it can be installed in a much shorter time frame and for a fraction of the cost.

The indoor unit is easily mounted on the wall in the room of your choice. With an ultra-slim profile and pleasant aesthetics, the indoor units blend in nicely with the décor of your room. In fact, you will probably forget it is there in no time. The indoor unit also has its own thermostat so you can control the temperature in your room right from where you are.


Mitsubishi single room split systems are among the best on the market. They are made with only quality parts and are designed to stand up to years of wear and tear. Here at Bob’s, we only offer the products we think provide the highest quality to our customers, and these systems certainly fit the bill.

The Sound of Silence

One of the nicest things about the Mitsubishi single room systems is that it makes almost no noise at all. Most window air conditioners are quite loud, disrupting conversations and making it difficult for you to sleep. With your Mitsubishi system, however, you will not even be able to tell if it is on.

The setup of these systems with the outdoor compressor and indoor vent makes this low noise profile possible. With any type of heating or cooling system, the compressor is what generates most of the noise pollution. Central air systems place the noisy compressor outside, but these systems are expensive and invasive to install. With Mitsubishi’s single room systems, you can have the best of both worlds.

Energy Efficiency

Superior energy efficiency is another hallmark of Mitsubishi’s single room split heating and air conditioning systems. They can provide superior cooling power for just a fraction of the price of more conventional systems. And that substantial savings is stacked on top of the lower installation and maintenance costs of the single room systems.


The reputation of Mitsubishi as a leader in the manufacture of reliable and quality products precedes it in almost every discussion, and these single room systems only help to further the cause. With a system this well designed, you will find you can enjoy it for many years without worry.

And with technicians from Bob’s taking care of your system maintenance and repairs, you will be in great hands all the way around. We carry all of the replacement parts necessary to perform scheduled maintenance as well as emergency repairs, and help from Bob’s is always only a phone call away. So feel free to give us a call today. We have been serving customers in the greater Puget Sound area for more than 50 years and we would love to add you to the list of satisfied customers.

Mitsubishi Single-Room Split Zoned Heat Pump

This Mitsubishi Single-Room Split Zoning System is ENERGY STAR qualified, with with an efficiency rating up to 18 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).  It uses refrigerant lines to connect an outdoor unit to a single indoor air handler, increasing the energy efficiency within your home.

Advanced technologies are used to help you precisely control the temperature of your room.

Using a wireless remote controller, your Mitsubishi Electric system allows a truly personal level of comfort control. Environmentally friendly refrigerants and advanced filtration systems come standard on the full product line.

This synergy of application, technique and advanced technology delivers true eco-comfort for your home or work space.

Wireless Remote Controller

The Mitsubishi MSZ/MUZ qualifies for Federal Tax Credits and is eligible for up to $800 PSE Rebate on all-electric homes.

DON'T DELAY! Federal Tax Credits will be ending on December 31, 2010.


Mitsubishi Ductless Split Filters

MULTIPLE FILTERS FOR CLEANER, HEALTHIER AIR  Mitsubishi indoor units use a sophisticated multi-part filter system to remove contaminants such as allergens, viruses and bacteria from the air as it circulates.

ADVANCED CONTROL TECHNOLOGY  Through Mitsubishi’s advanced controls technology the indoor unit is powered by the outdoor unit. Three polarity sensitive wires plus a ground conductor run from the outdoor to the indoor unit, providing both power and communication.

QUIET OPERATION  Do you hear that? No? You barely hear our systems because Mitsubishi indoor units operate with barely a whisper.

WARM AIR, NO DRAFTS  Our hot-start heat pump technology provides warmth from the beginning. The fan increases in speed as the coil is warmed, reducing drafts so when you want warm air, you will get it.

SYSTEM CONTROL IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND  Mitsubishi Electric offers a comprehensive remote controller that controls temperature, fan speed and more. Choose from four modes: COOL, HEAT, AUTO and DRY. The controller also has a 12-hour ON/OFF timer for one-button control of your personal comfort.

EASY TO MAINTAIN  With easily accessible filters, little or no ductwork to clean, and uncomplicated wiring connection points between the indoor and outdoor units, Mitsubishi systems rely on minimal maintenance, providing another level of comfort.

ENERGY STAR© qualified means more efficiency with less electricity.

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